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Bibliography, Part 5

History and Traditions of the Church After the New Testament Period


This listing is offered as a sample of sources likely to be helpful for reflection; it is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. Books are listed alphabetically by authors; those marked with (P) are available in paperback.

Beguine Spirituality (P)
A short collection of writings by members of these medieval lay communities.

Huxley, Aldous, Grey Eminence (P)
This case study of the Capuchin monk who advised the French king during the Thirty Years War provides both a thoughtful introduction to mystical practice and a sober warning of the dangers of misdirected religious conviction.

Johnston, William, ed., The Cloud of Unknowing (P)

Rest, F., Our Christian Symbols (P)
A brief account of many widely used Christian symbols.

St. John of the Cross, Dark Night of the Soul (P)

Waddell, Helen, Peter Abelard (P)
This novel by a distinguished medievalist provides a vivid and moving view of one of the great medieval theologians and a lively sense of this formative period for the church.

Ware, T., The Orthodox Church (P)
Ware provides a useful and thoughtful introduction to the history and theology of this major Christian tradition.

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