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Bibliography, Part 7

Contemporary Commentary


This listing is offered as a sample of sources likely to be helpful for reflection; it is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. Books are listed alphabetically by authors; those marked with (P) are available in paperback.

Contemporary Commentary

Barkun, M., Religion and the Racist Right (P)
An historical account of how the anti-semitic militaristic"Christian"groups grew out of the British Israelite movements of the Nineteenth century.

Boston, Why the Religious Right is Wrong (About the Separation of Church and State)
Boston discusses the relations between religion and the state in America from the colonial times.

Corn, Alfred, ed., Incarnation; Contemporary Writers on the New Testament (P)
a series of essays by writers on individual books of the New Testament that offers a wide range of perspectives.

DelBene, Ron, The Hunger of the Heart; A Call to Spiritual Growth (P)
A brief guide to some stages in spiritual growth and a useful description of how to compose a personal"breath prayer."

Gerard Manley Hopkins, A Hopkins Reader (P)
This collection includes most of his poetry and extensive selections from his essays, letters and sermons. Although Hopkins ranges over most of orthodox thought, he is especially concerned with"inscape", the particularities of creatures that reveal inner character and grace.

Hefner, R. W., Conversion to Christianity
Hefner presents sociological studies of areas of the world in their encounters with Christianity. Although the majority of the cases actually deal with groups that do not convert, the book still offers insight into non-Christian encounters with Christianity.

Jones, A., Sacrifice and Delight
A series of reflections nominally on the interior life of ordained ministers, with a deeper message of the priestly character of life for all people.

Lewis, C. S., Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on Prayer (P)

Lewis, C. S., Reflections on the Psalms (P)
These essays help with some of the more difficult aspects of the psalms.

Lipstadt, D., Denying the Holocaust
A powerful and disturbing account of the denial movement, its roots and its adherents.

Spong, J. S., Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism (P)
Spong discusses numerous instances where different parts of the Bible are in literal conflict; he does not articulate a coherent, reasoned alternative method of interpretation.

Underhill, Evelyn, The Spiritual Life (P)
Transcripts of a series of radio talks that provides a thoughtful, very brief introduction to a spiritual life in contemporary language.

Weil, Simone, Waiting for God (P)
A collection of several essays by Simone Weil, a French Jew who converted to Christianity, this book includes a brief biography and her essays on the implicit forms of the love of God, which include science and religion. Powerful and insightful.

Wilson, A. N., How Can We Know? (P)
Reflections by a English layman on a contemporary life of faith.

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