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Bibliography, Part 9

The Anglican Tradition


This listing is offered as a sample of sources likely to be helpful for reflection; it is neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. Books are listed alphabetically by authors; those marked with (P) are available in paperback.

Holmes, D. L., A Brief History of the Episcopal Church (P)

Moorman, J. R. H., The Anglican Spiritual Tradition (P)

Evans, G. R. and Wright, J. R., The Anglican Tradition: A Handbook of Sources (P)
This is a collection of source documents key to the life of the church, beginning in the first century and continuing to the present. Because the early centuries of the church are well represented, this collection can serve as a source book for all traditions for the period before the separations of various present traditions. It also provides insight into one of those traditions (the Anglican) as it continued to develop.

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