Michael J. Schlosser

Elliptic enumeration of nonintersecting lattice paths

(17 pages)

Abstract. We enumerate lattice paths in the planar integer lattice consisting of positively directed unit vertical and horizontal steps with respect to a specific elliptic weight function. The elliptic generating function of paths from a given starting point to a given end point evaluates to an elliptic generalization of the binomial coefficient. Convolution gives an identity equivalent to Frenkel and Turaev's 10V9 summation. This appears to be the first combinatorial proof of the latter, and at the same time of some important degenerate cases including Jackson's 8Φ7 and Dougall's 7F6 summation. By considering nonintersecting lattice paths we are led to a multivariate extension of the 10V9 summation which turns out to be a special case of an identity originally conjectured by Warnaar, later proved by Rosengren. We conclude with discussing some future perspectives.

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