Michael J. Schlosser and Meesue Yoo

Elliptic solutions of dynamical Lucas sequences

(14 pages)

Abstract. We study two types of dynamical extensions of Lucas sequences and give elliptic solutions for them. The first type concerns a level-dependent (or discrete time-dependent) version involving commuting variables. We show that a nice solution for this system is given by elliptic numbers. The second type involves a non-commutative version of Lucas sequences which defines the non-commutative (or abstract) Fibonacci polynomials introduced by Johann Cigler. If the non-commuting variables are specialized to be elliptic-commuting variables the abstract Fibonacci polynomials become non-commutative elliptic Fibonacci polynomials. Some properties we derive for these include their explicit expansion in terms of normalized monomials and a non-commutative elliptic Euler-Cassini identity.

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