Michael J. Schlosser

Multilateral inversion of Ar, Cr and Dr basic hypergeometric series

(24 pages)

Abstract. In [Electron. J. Combin. 10 (2003), #R10], the author presented a new basic hypergeometric matrix inverse with applications to bilateral basic hypergeometric series. This matrix inversion result was directly extracted from an instance of Bailey's very-well-poised 6Ψ6 summation theorem, and involves two infinite matrices which are not lower-triangular. The present paper features three different multivariable generalizations of the above result. These are extracted from Gustafson's Ar and Cr extensions and of the author's recent Ar extension of Bailey's 6Ψ6 summation formula. By combining these new multidimensional matrix inverses with Ar and Dr extensions of Jackson's 8Φ7 summation theorem three balanced very-well-poised 8Ψ8 summation theorems associated with the root systems Ar and Cr are derived.

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