Emma Yu Jin and Michael J. Schlosser

Proof of a bi-symmetric septuple equidistribution on ascent sequences

(44 pages)


It is well known since the seminal work by Bousquet-Mélou, Claesson, Dukes and Kitaev (2010) that certain refinements of the ascent sequences with respect to several natural statistics are in bijection with corresponding refinements of (2+2)-free posets and certain pattern-avoiding permutations. Different multiply-refined enumerations of ascent sequences and other bijectively equivalent structures have subsequently been extensively studied by various authors.

In this paper, our main contributions are

A by-product of our findings includes the affirmation of a conjecture about the bi-symmetric equidistribution between the quadruples of Euler-Stirling statistics (asc, rep, zero, max) and (rep, asc, max, zero) on ascent sequences, that was motivated by a double Eulerian equidistribution due to Foata (1977) and recently proposed by Fu, Lin, Yan, Zhou and the first author (2018).

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