Third announcement: February 17, 2000.


(Bayreuth, Erlangen, Strasbourg)

will take place in

Domaine Saint-Jacques,
F-67530 Ottrott, France
(near Saint-Nabor)
Tel. : +33-3 88 95 82 59, Fax. : +33-3 88 95 94 40

from Sunday, March 26, 2000 (evening) to Wednesday, March 29, 2000 (afternoon), under the guidance of Christian Krattenthaler (Wien).

However, there is a possibility for each participant to arrive one day earlier, i.e., on Saturday, March 25, 2000 in order to take advantage of the SATURDAY RULE for air travel. Most flights are less than half price if the Saturday night is included. Please indicate on your participation form if you arrive on Saturday.

The Seminar proper will start on Monday, early morning. Participants are expected to arrive by Sunday for dinner

The Domaine Saint-Jacques is located near Saint-Nabor in the Vosges mountains in Alsace, at 40 km away from the center of Strasbourg and 25 km away from the airport of Strasbourg-Entzheim, now conveniently connected with the major European cities. The closest train station is Obernai (8 km).

Here is a train table for Saturday, March 25, and Sunday, March 26 to go from Strasbourg to Obernai:


STRASBOURG 12:20 17:08 18:20 19:26
OBERNAI 13:08 17:49 18:53 19:55
STRASBOURG 9:10 14:00 17:50 20:05*
OBERNAI 9:47 14:27 18:19 20:46*

*This is not a train, but a bus. There are several bus stops located on the square in front of the station building. When you exit the station building, go to the left-most bus stop. Look for the TER bus to Obernai-Sélestat.

On Sunday, we plan to provide a minibus to pick up participants from the Obernai train station, leaving Obernai after 18:19 (after arrival of train), and also after 20:46 (after arrival of bus). Please inform us with which train you are going to arrive.

For those of you who arrive at the Strasbourg Entzheim airport, we advise you to take the shuttle bus to the tram station at Baggersee, from there take the tram to the Gare Centrale (the one way fare from the airport to the Gare Centrale costs 25 FF), and from there the train to Obernai.

How to reach Obernai by car:

From the North and the West: leave Highway A4 at Saverne, take road N4 down to Wasselonne, then road N422, exit at Obernai.

From Kehl (Germany): take the Rhine bridge to Strasbourg, following the direction to Colmar, then take highway A35, follow the signs to Obernai through road N42, exit Obernai.

From the Strasbourg-Entzheim Airport: get to highway A35 to the direction to Colmar, follow the signs to Obernai through road N42, exit Obernai.

From the South and Selestat: take highway A35 north, exit at Obernai.

How to reach Domaine Saint-Jacques from the Obernai A35 exit:

Get to the outskirts of Obernai and take the by-pass road to the left, exit at Bernardswiller, cross the village and reach Saint-Nabor through road D109. The Domaine Saint-Jacques is some four kilometers beyond Saint-Nabor in the direction to Saint-Odile.


The main speakers of this session will be:



Participants will be housed in the Domaine Saint-Jacques in double rooms or in single rooms. The rates are the following:

On a double occupancy basis: 1 240 FRF (board and lodging) per person (three days), plus 415 FRF (board and lodging) for those who arrive on Saturday.

On a single occupancy basis: 1 350 FRF (board and lodging) per person (three days), plus 450 FRF (board and lodging) for those who arrive on Saturday.

The Domaine-Saint-Jacques is highly reputed for the quality of its cuisine and its warm atmosphere.

LIST OF PARTICIPANTS (as of March 19, 2000)

Pierre Cartier (Bures-sur-Yvette), Herb Wilf (+1) (Philadelphia), Theresia Eisenkölbl, Christian Krattenthaler (Wien), A. Al Amrani, D. Foata, G.-N. Han, J.-P. Jouanolou, Christophe Reutenauer (Strasbourg), D. Barsky, Georges Racinet (Paris), J. Désarménien, F. Hivert, A. Lascoux, A. Micheli, P.-A. Picon, J.-Y. Thibon (+1), F. Toumazet, Marc Zipstein (Marne-la-Vallée), Hoang Ngoc Minh, Jean-Christophe Novelli (Lille), Amitai Regev (Rehovot), Gilles Schaeffer (Nancy), Bodo Laß (Aachen), Helmut Krämer (Hamburg), Xavier Viennot (+1), Alexander Zvonkin (Bordeaux), Francesco Brenti, Claudia Malvenuto, Paolo Papi (Roma), B. Leclerc, Philippe Toffin (Caen), Sylvie Corteel (Orsay), Einar Steingrímsson (Göteborg), F. Jouhet, G. Ksavrelof (Lyon), G. Pirillo (Firenze), R. König, V. Strehl (Erlangen), A. Kerber (+1) (Bayreuth), G. Duchamp, Jean-Gabriel Luque (Rouen), Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti (Bologna), Peter Kirschenhofer (Leoben), Marko Petkovsek (Ljubljana), Henri Gaudier (Valenciennes), Marc van Leeuwen (Poitiers), Burkhard Zimmermann (Linz), Maria Formisano (Napoli), Thorsten Bauer, Armin Jöllenbeck (Kiel), Volkmar Welker (Marburg), Bernd Fiedler (Leipzig)


You can use one of the following ways to register :


For questions regarding the scientific programme get in touch with Christian Krattenthaler.