Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 22

28 - 30 September 1989, Hesselberg, Gerolfingen


[B22a] Jacques Désarmémien
Étude modulo n des statistiques mahoniennes (9 pp.)
(English translation by Darij Grinberg: Modulo-n study of Mahonian statistics)
[B22b] Andreas W. M. Dress and Walter Wenzel
Valuated Matroids - A new Look at the Greedy Algorithm (7 pp.)
[B22c] Volker Diekert
Combinatorial Rewriting on Traces
[B22d] Marilena Barnabei, V. Frontini and F. Sgallari
An algorithm for Weyl module irreducibility
[B22e] Reinhard Franz and Daniel Huson
The Classification of Quasi-Regular Polyhedra of Genus 2