Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire - FPSAC 2022

Issue 86B

Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on "Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics", July 18 - 24, 2022, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


Extended Abstracts of Talks and Posters

[86B.1] Andrew Elvey Price
Enumeration of Walks with Small Steps Avoiding a Quadrant (12 pp.)
[86B.2] Yan Zhuang
Refined Consecutive Pattern Enumeration Via a Generalized Cluster Method (12 pp.)
[86B.3] Samuele Giraudo
Mockingbird Lattices (12 pp.)
[86B.4] Alexander Clifton, Bishal Deb, Yifeng Huang, Sam Spiro and Semin Yoo
Continuously Increasing Subsequences of Random Multiset Permutations (11 pp.)
[86B.5] Matias von Bell, Benjamin Braun, Derek Hanely, Khrystyna Serhiyenko, Julianne Vega, Andrés R. Vindas-Meléndez, and Martha Yip
Triangulations, Order Polytopes, and Generalized Snake Posets (12 pp.)
[86B.6] Elizabeth Niese, Sheila Sundaram, Stephanie van Willigenburg, Julianne Vega, Shiyun Wang
Row-Strict Dual Immaculate Functions and 0-Hecke Modules (12 pp.)
[86B.7] Anton Dochtermann and Anurag Singh
Homomorphism Complexes, Reconfiguration, and Homotopy for Directed Graphs (12 pp.)
[86B.8] Sergi Elizalde
Walks in Simplices, Cylindric Tableaux, and Asymmetric Exclusion Processes (12 pp.)
[86B.9] Swee Hong Chan and Igor Pak
Log-Concave Poset Inequalities: Extended Abstract (12 pp.)
[86B.10] Maria Chudnovsky and Eran Nevo
Stable Sets in Flag Spheres (11 pp.)
[86B.11] Fern Gossow and Oded Yacobi
On the Action of the Long Cycle on the Kazhdan-Lusztig Basis (12 pp.)
[86B.12] Sarah Brauner
A Type B Analog of the Whitehouse Representation (12 pp.)
[86B.13] Takafumi Kouno, Cristian Lenart and Satoshi Naito
Generalized Quantum Yang-Baxter Moves and Their Application to Schubert Calculus (12 pp.)
[86B.14] Per Alexandersson and Frether Getachew
An Involution on Derangements Preserving Excedances and Right-to-Left Minima (9 pp.)
[86B.15] Per Alexandersson and Olivia Nabawanda
Peaks Are Preserved Under Run-Sorting (Extended Abstract) (11 pp.)
[86B.16] Colin Defant
Troupes, Cumulants, and Stack-Sorting (12 pp.)
[86B.17] Bin Han, Jianxi Mao and Jiang Zeng
Equidistributions Around Special Kinds of Descents and Excedances Via Continued Fractions (12 pp.)
[86B.18] Shiliang Gao, Gidon Orelowitz, Nicolas Ressayre and Alexander Yong
Combinatorics of Newell-Littlewood Numbers (12 pp.)
[86B.19] Colin Defant and Nathan Williams
Semidistrim Lattices (12 pp.)
[86B.20] Steven N. Karp
Wronskians, Total Positivity, and Real Schubert Calculus (10 pp.)
[86B.21] Koustav Banerjee, Sreerupa Bhattacharjee, Manosij Ghosh Dastidar, Pankaj Jyoti Mahanta and Manjil P. Saikia
Parity Biases in Partitions and Restricted Partitions (12 pp.)
[86B.22] Jesse Kim and Brendon Rhoades
Set Partitions, Fermions, and Skein Relations (12 pp.)
[86B.23] Priyavrat Deshpande and Krishna Menon
A Statistic for Regions of Braid Deformations (12 pp.)
[86B.24] Houcine Ben Dali
Integrality in the Matching-Jack Conjecture and the Farahat-Higman Algebra (12 pp.)
[86B.25] Elena Tielker
Weighted Ehrhart Series and a Type-B Analogue of a Formula of MacMahon (12 pp.)
[86B.26] Jehanne Dousse and Isaac Konan
Multi-Grounded Partitions and Character Formulas (12 pp.)
[86B.27] Joshua Maglione and Christopher Voll
Flag Hilbert-Poincaré Series and Igusa Zeta Functions of Hyperplane Arrangements (12 pp.)
[86B.28] Maria Gillespie and Kyle Salois
Inequality of a Class of Near-Ribbon Skew Schur Q-Functions (12 pp.)
[86B.29] Yibo Gao, Reuven Hodges and Alexander Yong
Classifying Levi-Spherical Schubert Varieties (12 pp.)
[86B.30] Torin Greenwood, Stephen Melczer, Tiadora Ruza and Mark C. Wilson
Asymptotics of Coefficients of Algebraic Series Via Embedding Into Rational Series (Extended Abstract) (12 pp.)
[86B.31] Matteo Parisi, Melissa Sherman-Bennett and Lauren Williams
The m=2 Amplituhedron and the Hypersimplex (12 pp.)
[86B.32] İlke Çanakçı, Anna Felikson, Ana Garcia-Elsener and Pavel Tumarkin
Friezes for a Pair of Pants (12 pp.)
[86B.33] Om Prakash Bhardwaj, Kriti Goel and Indranath Sengupta
Affine Semigroups of Maximal Projective Dimension (10 pp.)
[86B.34] Byung-Hak Hwang, Jihyeug Jang and Jaeseong Oh
A Combinatorial Model for the Transition Matrix Between the Specht and Web Bases (12 pp.)
[86B.35] Amritanshu Prasad and Samrith Ram
Set Partitions, Tableaux, and Subspace Profiles of Regular Diagonal Operators (12 pp.)
[86B.36] Doriann Albertin and Vincent Pilaud
The Canonical Complex of the Weak Order (12 pp.)
[86B.37] Dominic Searles
0-Hecke-Clifford Modules From Diagrams (12 pp.)
[86B.38] Arvind Ayyer and Nishu Kumari
Factorization of Classical Characters Twisted by Roots of Unity: Extended Abstract (12 pp.)
[86B.39] Dennis Jahn and Christian Stump
Bruhat Intervals, Subword Complexes and Brick Polyhedra for Finite Coxeter Groups (12 pp.)
[86B.40] Sergi Elizalde, Matthew Plante, Tom Roby and Bruce Sagan
Rowmotion on Fences (12 pp.)
[86B.41] Ezgi Kantarcı Oğuz and Mohan Ravichandran
Ideal Lattices of Fence Posets and Rank Unimodality (12 pp.)
[86B.42] Projesh Nath Choudhury and Apoorva Khare
Blowup Polynomials and delta-Matroids of Graphs (12 pp.)
[86B.43] Eran Nevo and Simion Tarabykin
Vertex Spanning Planar Laman Graphs in Triangulated Surfaces (12 pp.)
[86B.44] Matthias Beck, Sophia Elia and Sophie Rehberg
Rational Ehrhart Theory (12 pp.)
[86B.45] Kevin Liu
Planar Tanglegram Layouts and Single Edge Insertion (12 pp.)
[86B.46] Mark Shimozono and Tianyi Yu
Grothendieck-to-Lascoux Expansions (12 pp.)
[86B.47] Oliver Pechenik, David E. Speyer and Anna Weigandt
Regularity of Matrix Schubert Varieties (12 pp.)
[86B.48] Pooneh Afsharijoo, Jehanne Dousse, Frédéric Jouhet and Hussein Mourtada
New Companions to Gordon Identities from Commutative Algebra (12 pp.)
[86B.49] Dan Betea and Alessandra Occelli
Peaks of Cylindric Plane Partitions (12 pp.)
[86B.50] Maria Gillespie, Sean T. Griffin and Jake Levinson
Tournaments and Slide Rules for Products of ψ and ω Classes on M0,n (12 pp.)
[86B.51] Balthazar Charles
A Description of the Minimal Elements of Shi Regions in Classical Weyl Groups (12 pp.)
[86B.52] Esther Banaian, Sunita Chepuri, Elizabeth Kelley and Sylvester W. Zhang
Rooted Clusters for Graph LP Algebras (12 pp.)
[86B.53] Michael Joswig, Georg Loho, Dante Luber and Jorge Alberto Olarte
Subdivisions of Generalized Permutahedra (12 pp.)
[86B.54] Grant T. Barkley and David E. Speyer
Biclosed Sets in Affine Root Systems (12 pp.)
[86B.55] Rebecca Patrias, Oliver Pechenik and Jessica Striker
A Web Basis of Invariant Polynomials From Noncrossing Partitions (12 pp.)
[86B.56] Foster Tom
Horizontal-Strip LLT Polynomials (12 pp.)
[86B.57] Sara Billey and Jordan E. Weaver
A Pattern Avoidance Characterization for Smoothness of Positroid Varieties (12 pp.)
[86B.58] Jacob A. White
Chromatic Quasisymmetric Class Functions of Linearized Combinatorial Hopf Monoids (12 pp.)
[86B.59] Yuval Filmus and Nathan Lindzey
Harmonic Polynomials on Perfect Matchings (12 pp.)
[86B.60] Mitchell Ryan and Benjamin Solomon
Soliton Cellular Automata for the Affine General Linear Lie Superalgebra (12 pp.)
[86B.61] Ajeeth Gunna and Travis Scrimshaw
Crystals and Integrable Systems for Edge Labeled Tableaux (12 pp.)
[86B.62] Wenjie Fang, Henri Mühle and Jean-Christophe Novelli
Parabolic Tamari Lattices in Linear Type B (12 pp.)
[86B.63] Thomas McConville and Henri Mühle
Shuffle Lattices and Bubble Lattices (12 pp.)
[86B.64] David Wahiche
Multiplication Theorems for Self-Conjugate Partitions (12 pp.)
[86B.65] Anita Arora and Arvind Ayyer
The Monopole-Dimer Model for Cartesian Products of Graphs: Extended Abstract (12 pp.)
[86B.66] G. Krishna Teja
Weak Faces and a Formula for Weights of Highest Weight Modules Via Parabolic Partial Sum Property for Roots (12 pp.)
[86B.67] Vincent Pilaud
Acyclic Reorientation Lattices and Their Lattice Quotients (12 pp.)
[86B.68] Lukas Kühne and Joshua Maglione
On the Geometry of Flag Hilbert-Poincaré Series for Matroids (11 pp.)
[86B.69] Eric Marberg and Kam Hung Tong
Highest Weight Crystals for Schur $Q$-Functions (12 pp.)
[86B.70] Andy Wilson
The Elliptic Hall Algebra Element Qm,nk(1) (12 pp.)
[86B.71] Charles Wang
Cluster Duality for Lagrangian and Orthgonal Grassmannians (12 pp.)
[86B.72] Arnau Padrol, Vincent Pilaud and Germain Poullot
Deformation Cones of Hypergraphic Polytopes (12 pp.)
[86B.73] Ankan Ganguly and Alex McDonough
Rotor-Routing Induces the Only Consistent Sandpile Torsor Structure on Plane Graphs (12 pp.)
[86B.74] Eric Nathan Stucky
Cyclic Actions in Parking Spaces (12 pp.)
[86B.75] Éric Fusy, Erkan Narmanli and Gilles Schaeffer
Enumeration of Corner Polyhedra and 3-Connected Schnyder Labelings (12 pp.)
[86B.76] Josef Küstner, Michael Schlosser and Meesue Yoo
Lattice Paths and Negatively Indexed Weight-Dependent Binomial Coefficients (12 pp.)
[86B.77] Sam Hopkins and Martin Rubey
Promotion of Kreweras Words (12 pp.)
[86B.78] Darij Grinberg and Ekaterina A. Vassilieva
A q-Deformation of Enriched P-Partitions (12 pp.)
[86B.79] Be'eri Greenfeld and Hagai Lavner
Growth of Unbounded Sets in Nilpotent Groups and Random Mapping Statistics (12 pp.)
[86B.80] Ron M. Adin, Pál Hegedüs and Yuval Roichman
Higher Lie Characters and Cyclic Descent Extension on Conjugacy Classes (12 pp.)
[86B.81] Andrew O'Desky and David Harry Richman
Derangements and the p-Adic Incomplete Gamma Function (10 pp.)
[86B.82] Nicolas Borie and Justine Falque
Product-Coproduct Prographs and Triangulations of the Sphere (12 pp.)
[86B.83] Enrica Duchi and Corentin Henriet
Bijections Between Fighting Fish, Planar Maps, and Tamari Intervals (12 pp.)
[86B.84] Patricia Klein and Anna Weigandt
Bumpless Pipe Dreams Encode Gröbner Geometry of Schubert Polynomials (12 pp.)
[86B.85] Colin Defant, Mike Joseph, Matthew Macauley and Alex McDonough
Torsors From Toggling Independent Sets (12 pp.)
[86B.86] Jonathan Boretsky
Positive Tropical Flags and the Positive Tropical Dressian (12 pp.)
[86B.87] Claus Fieker, Tommy Hofmann and Michael Joswig
Computing Galois Groups of Ehrhart Polynomials in OSCAR (9 pp.)