Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 61A - Special issue in memoriam Pierre Leroux (1942-2008)


This issue is devoted to our dear Lotharingien PIERRE LEROUX whose untimely death on 9 March 2008 was a shock for all of us. It contains invited papers by friends and co-workers of his.

[B61Aa] Nantel Bergeron, Christophe Hohlweg, Carsten Lange and Hugh Thomas
Isometry Classes of Generalized Associahedra (13 pp.)
[B61Ab] Bruce E. Sagan
Probabilistic Proofs of Hook Length Formulas Involving Trees (10 pp.)
[B61Ac] Sylvain Lavallée and Christophe Reutenauer
Characteristic Polynomials of Nonnegative Integral Square Matrices and Clique Polynomials (11 pp.)
[B61Ad] Alan D. Sokal
A Ridiculously Simple and Explicit Implicit Function Theorem (21 pp.)
[B61Ae] Alexander D. Scott and Alan D. Sokal
Some Variants of the Exponential Formula, with Application to the Multivariate Tutte Polynomial (alias Potts Model) (33 pp.)
[B61Af] Amel Kaouche and Pierre Leroux
Mayer and Ree-Hoover Weights of Infinite Families of 2-Connected Graphs (28 pp.)
[B61Ag] Gilbert Labelle and Cédric Lamathe
General Combinatorial Differential Operators (24 pp.)
[B61Ah] Nicolas Bonichon, Mireille Bousquet-Mélou and Éric Fusy
Baxter Permutations and Plane Bipolar Orientations (29 pp.)
[B61Ai] Alain Lascoux
Generalization of Scott's Permanent Identity (6 pp.)
[B61Aj] Nantel Bergeron and Philippe Choquette
Hyperoctahedral Species (22 pp.)
[B61Ak] Riccardo Biagioli and Jiang Zeng
On Some Analogues of Descent Numbers and Major Index for the Hyperoctahedral Group (13 pp.)
[B61Al] Luca Ferrari and Pierre Leroux
ECO Species (23 pp.)
[B61Am] Peter J. Cameron, Christian Krattenthaler and Thomas W. Müller
Decomposable Functors and the Exponential Principle, II (38 pp.)
[B61An] William G. Faris (Semi-expository paper)
Combinatorial Species and Feynman Diagrams (37 pp.)