Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B65d (2011), 67 pp.

Gregg Musiker and Christian Stump

A Compendium on the Cluster Algebra and Quiver Package in Sage

Abstract. This is the compendium of the cluster algebra and quiver package for Sage. The purpose of this package is to provide a platform to work with cluster algebras in graduate courses and to further develop the theory by working on examples, by gathering data, and by exhibiting and testing conjectures. In this compendium, we include the relevant theory to introduce the reader to cluster algebras assuming no prior background. Throughout this compendium, we include examples that the user can run in the Sage notebook or command line, and then close with a detailed description of the data structures and methods in this package.

Received: April 1, 2011. Accepted: August 14, 2011. Final Version: September 2, 2011.

The following versions are available: