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Universität Wien
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1090 Wien, Österreich
Email: christopher DOT cashen AT univie.ac.at
Office: 2.130

I am a postdoc in the Geometric and Analytic Group Theory group at the University of Vienna.

Curriculum Vitae


  1. Quasi-isometries Between Tubular Groups, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics 4 (2010) no. 3, 473--516, doi:10.4171/GGD/92 arXiv:0707.1502.
  2. Line Patterns in Free Groups (w/ Nataša Macura), Geometry & Topology, 15 (2011), no. 3, 1419--1475, doi:10.2140/gt.2011.15.1419, arXiv:1006.2123.
  3. Splitting Line Patterns in Free Groups, submitted, arXiv:1009.2492, (2010).
  4. Growth Tight Actions (w/ Goulnara N. Arzhantseva and Jing Tao), submitted, arXiv:1401.0499, (2013).
  5. Quasi-isometry Invariants from Decorated Trees of Cylinders of Two-Ended JSJ Decompositions, preprint, arXiv:1403.2865, (2014).
  6. Growth Tight Actions of Product Groups (w/ Jing Tao), submitted, arXiv:1404.4335, (2014).
  7. Virtual Geometricity is Rare (w/ Jason F. Manning), submitted, arXiv:1407.7834, (2014).
  8. virtuallygeometric (w/ Jason F. Manning), Computer Program, (2014).
  9. Bieri-Neumann-Strebel Invariants of Group Splittings and Fibrations of Mapping Tori of Polynomially Growing Free Group Automorphisms (w/ Gilbert Levitt), in preparation, (2014).
  10. Boundary Homeomorphisms and Quasi-isometries Between Hyperbolic Groups with Two-Ended Splittings (w/ Alexandre Martin), in preparation, (2014).
  11. Mapping Tori of Polynomially Growing Free Group Automorphisms (w/ Nataša Macura), in preparation, (2014).
  12. Quasi-isometry machine machines for groups admitting certain cyclic JSJ-decompositions, in preparation, (2014).

Notes on the arXiv

  1. Computing the Maximum Slope Invariant in Tubular Groups, preprint, arXiv:1001.0086, (2009).
  2. A Geometric Proof of the Structure Theorem for Cyclic Splittings of Free Groups, preprint, arXiv:1208:3652, (2012).

Other Stuff

Slides from Line Patterns talk, Joint Meetings 2011


I am not currently teaching. Visit my teaching page from Utah instead.


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