Phys. Lett. A 380, 1110-1116 (2016),
 [ DOI:10.1016/j.physleta.2016.01.033 ]

Wave phenomena of the Toda lattice with steplike initial data

J. Michor

Keywords: Toda equation, shock wave, rarefaction wave, Riemann-Hilbert problem.

Abstract: We give a survey of the long-time asymptotics for the Toda lattice with steplike constant initial data using the nonlinear steepest descent analysis and its extension based on a suitably chosen $g$-function. Analytic formulas for the leading term of the asymptotic solutions of the Toda shock and rarefaction problems (including the case of overlapping background spectra) are given and complemented by numerical simulations. We provide an explicit formula for the modulated solution in terms of Abelian integrals on the underlying hyperelliptic Riemann surface.

MSC: Primary 37K40, 35Q53; Secondary 37K45, 35Q15.

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