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Curriculum Vitae

Theses I have supervised

Theses I have supervised

Doctoral Theses

Melanie Graf Singularity Theorems in low Regularity (ongoing)

Alexander Lecke Non-smooth Lorentzian Geometry and Causality Theory (2016)

Milena Stojković Causality Theory for C^{1,1}-metrics (2015)

Eduard Nigsch A Nonlinear Theory of Tensor Distributions on Riemannian Manifolds (2010)

Jasmin Sahbegović Short-Time Fourier Transform and Modulation Spaces in Algebras of Generalized Functions (2009)

Sanja Konjik Group Analysis and Variational Symmetries for Non-Smooth Problems (2008)

Eberhard Mayerhofer The wave equation on singular space-times (2006)

Diploma/Master Theses

Melanie Graf Low regularity geometry on semi-Riemannian Manifolds (2014)

Simon Rössler Differential Operators on Manifolds (2011)

Christian Haderer Causal Structure and Singularity Theory on Space-Times (2010)

Klaus Kröncke Comparison Theorems in Riemannian Geometry (2010)

Nathalie Tassotti Warped Products in General Relativity (2010)

Annegret Burtscher Isomorphisms of Algebras of Smooth and Generalized Functions (2009)

Magdalena Strauss Partial Differential Operators with Gerneralised Coefficients: Hypoellipticity and Solvability (2009)

Eduard Nigsch Colombeau Generalized Functions on Manifolds (2006)

Jasmin Sahbegovic Regularity and Stability of Functional Equations in Distributions (2006)

Mark Heinzle Distributional Aspects of the Schwarzschild Geometry (2003)

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