The program has been developed by Dmytro R. Popovych (doctoral student on the project) in order to check whether transformed via GBDT solutions of the integrable nonlinear equations also solve these equations and whether trasformed coefficients of the auxiliary linear equations preserve the structure of the initial coefficients.

The program runs in Mathematica [1] and uses the NCAlgebra package [2]. It provides symbolic calculations for the basic formulas from Chapter 7 “General GBDT theorems and explicit solutions of nonlinear equations” [3] in case of various integrable nonlinear equations.

The result of computations or any intermediate expression can be converted to LaTeX format and copied into a TeX file.


[1] Mathematica 8.0
[2] NCAlgebra package for non-commutative computations in Mathematica.
[3] A. L. Sakhnovich, L. A. Sakhnovich, I. Ya. Roitberg, “Inverse problems and nonlinear evolution equations. Solutions, Darboux matrices and Weyl-Titchmarsh functions”, De Gruyter, 2013.