Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 47

October 8-10, 2001, Bertinoro


[B47a] Dominique Foata, Guo-Niu Han and Bodo Lass
Les nombres hyperharmoniques et la fratrie du collectionneur de vignettes (20 pp.)
[B47b] Andreas Dress, M. Klucznik, Jack Koolen and Vincent Moulton
2kn - Binomial(2k+1,2) (17 pp.)
[B47c] Toufik Mansour and Alek Vainshtein (Semiexpository Paper)
Restricted Permutations and Chebyshev Polynomials (17 pp.)
[B47d] Roland Bacher and Laurent Manivel
Hooks and Powers of Parts in Partitions (11 pp.)
[B47e] Guo-Niu Han and Dominique Perrin
Ensembles inévitables (16 pp.)
[B47f] Vincenzo Marra and Daniele Mundici (Expository Paper)
Combinatorial Fans, Lattice-ordered Groups, and Their Neighbours: A Short Excursion (19 pp.)
[B47g] Christian Krattenthaler
Evaluations of Some Determinants of Matrices Related to the Pascal Triangle (19 pp.)
[B47h] Erich Neuwirth
Computing Tournament Sequence Numbers Efficiently With Matrix Techniques (12 pp.)