250095 VO Ergodic Theory/Ergodentheorie

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin

Email H. Bruin for further information for this course.

Part of the lectures (March 10 - 26, June 2, June 18-25) will be given by Dr. Dalia Terhesiu (email: D. Terhesiu).


On Wednesday May 28 there will be no regular lecture.
Instead, at 3pm (skylounge 12th floor), I will give a lecture in the series "Mathematics for All" in which ergodic theory features prominently.

On Monday June 2, Dr. Terhesiu will teach the class. On Wednesday June 4, class is canceled.


Day Time Room fromuntil
Monday 13:00-14:45 SR09 Lecture03.3.201423.06.2014
Wednesday 16:00-17:45 SR09 Lecture04.3.201425.06.2014

Contents of the course

This is an introduction to ergodic theory, that is: the study of how invariant measures play a role in dynamical systems. Topics to be discussed are likely to include
- Invariant measures in various standard examples (both finite and infinite);
- Ergodicity, unique ergodicity and proving ergodicity;
- Poincaré recurrence and Kac' Lemma;
- Ergodic Theorems, Chacon-Ornstein Theorem and similar results;
- Induced transformations, Rokhlin towers and similar results;
- Transfer operators;
- Connections to notions from Probability Theory (Mixing, Bernoulli processes).

The course will be given in English



Will be based on an oral exam (in English by default, aber auf Deutsch ist auch möglich ). The oral exam will be about the core material, plus one further topic, listed below (which will be agreed upon when making the appointment for the exam):

Core material:

Topic 1:

Topic 2:

Topic 3:

Topic 4:

Course material (Hand-outs)

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