250123 VO Dynamische Systeme (Thermodynamischer Formalismus

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin

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First lecture Thursday October 11, 4-6pm in D104.

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Thursday 4-6pm D10311.10.201224.1.2013

Description of topic

Thermodynamic formalism is a mathematical approach to the theory, in statistical physics, on the way many-particle systems strive to configurations (called equilibrium states) of maximal entropy and minimal potential energy. It is used to explain phase transitions in materials, such as liquid vs. solid and magnitized vs. non-magnitized. Whereas in physics, these ideas go back to Boltzmann in the late 19th century, it was only in the 1970s that they were given a firm mathematical framework by Sinai, Ruelle and Bowen. Topics of this course may include:
- Symbolic dynamics and subshifts of finite type.
- Entropy and the Variational Principle.
- The pressure function and phase transitions.
- Measures of maximal entropy.
- The Ising model and related models.
- Transfer operators and their spectral properties.
- Thermodynamics and fractal dimensions.


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