interval.h File Reference

#include <special_val.h>
#include <interval_boost.h>

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namespace  coco
 the main namespace of the COCONUT API


#define is_integer(x)   (rint((x)) == (x) && rint((x)) < MAXINT && rint((x)) > -MAXINT)
#define get_integer(x)   ((int) rint((x)))

Detailed Description

Definition in file interval.h.

Define Documentation

#define get_integer (  )     ((int) rint((x)))

This macro returns the integer part of a double (as integer).

Definition at line 56 of file interval.h.

#define is_integer (  )     (rint((x)) == (x) && rint((x)) < MAXINT && rint((x)) > -MAXINT)

This macro checks whether a double number represents an integer.

Definition at line 52 of file interval.h.

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