coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st Struct Reference

#include <model.hpp>

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Public Attributes

std::pair< unsigned int,
unsigned int > 
unsigned int * f
std::vector< unsigned int > * t
std::vector< unsigned int > * d
std::vector< unsigned int > * nn
bool new_number

Detailed Description

This struct is the visitor data of the model::detect_0chain_visitor.

Definition at line 1972 of file model.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<unsigned int>* coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::d

vector of node depths

Definition at line 1977 of file model.hpp.

unsigned int* coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::f


Definition at line 1975 of file model.hpp.

bool coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::new_number

is this a new 0-chain?

Definition at line 1979 of file model.hpp.

std::vector<unsigned int>* coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::nn

vector of 0-chain bases

Definition at line 1978 of file model.hpp.

std::pair<unsigned int,unsigned int> coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::r

return value (node number, depth)

Definition at line 1974 of file model.hpp.

std::vector<unsigned int>* coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st::t

vector of node types

Definition at line 1976 of file model.hpp.

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