coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st Struct Reference

#include <model.hpp>

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Public Attributes

const modelmod
const std::vector< interval > * ranges
linalg::sparse_vector< double > * coeffs
double * constant
double old_trans
double trans
double mm_help
lincoeff_visitor_ret r
int old_nlin
int in_nlin
unsigned int n

Detailed Description

This is the visitor data of the model::lincoeff_visitor visitor.

Definition at line 2091 of file model.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

linalg::sparse_vector<double>* coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::coeffs

the coefficents of the linear function

Definition at line 2095 of file model.hpp.

double* coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::constant

the constant of the linear function

Definition at line 2097 of file model.hpp.

int coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::in_nlin

marker for non-linear parts

Definition at line 2103 of file model.hpp.

double coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::mm_help

helper for max, min

Definition at line 2100 of file model.hpp.

const model* coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::mod

the DAG

Definition at line 2093 of file model.hpp.

unsigned int coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::n

children counter

Definition at line 2104 of file model.hpp.

int coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::old_nlin

old marker for non-linear parts

Definition at line 2102 of file model.hpp.

double coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::old_trans

the old scaling factor

Definition at line 2098 of file model.hpp.

lincoeff_visitor_ret coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::r

the return value

Definition at line 2101 of file model.hpp.

const std::vector<interval>* coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::ranges

the ranges of all nodes

Definition at line 2094 of file model.hpp.

double coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st::trans

the scaling factor

Definition at line 2099 of file model.hpp.

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