COCONUT Environment

An open source platform for interval global optimization


Download information

The COCONUT environment is distributed under the GNU GPL and the GNU LGPL licenses, but note that there is one additional license regulation concerning hardware and software by Sun Microsystems, which is explicitly spelled out in the file LICENSES contained in the distribution. Note that only those parts are included, which are essentially free. The current development version is available via a subversion repository. To gain access to it, please send a mail to the main developer and maintainer (Hermann dot Schichl atsign univie dot ac dot at). Please include an ssh public key (generate with ssh-keygen). The repository is located at svn+ssh:// To get the package for donlp3, contact the author Peter Spellucci and afterwards me, and to get CPLEX, contact IBM ILOG. The heuristic global optimization package PGSL by Benny Raphael and its interface can be downloaded from here.
In addition to the full source distribution, we also provide two of its subsets as separate binary packages, created from a recent version of the development source above. The packages below were compiled for 32-bit i386 architectures under Fedora Linux. (For those interested in the historical evolution of the COCONUT Environment, we provide here the first publicly available version 1.00 (RPMs, Sources) as well.)