The programming system Concise is a graph-based universal programming system for manipulating semantic information. It combines in a novel way the capabilities of imperative programming and object-oriented programming.

All semantic information is stored in the so-called semantic memory. Graphical and textual views enable the user to see, understand, analyze, and modify the content of the semantic memory, and hence of documents, programs and data structures. In particular, there are (currently only rudimentary) facilities for semantically accurate automatic document creation in LaTex, written in a user-extensible controlled form of natural mathematical language.

Although currently only an English version is available, Concise is set up to facilitate the easy generation of multiple-language versions of the documentation and the text appearing in the IDE. In particular, type systems and dictionaries are implemented in a way that incorporates multiple language names and multiple meanings of names created by different authorities.

Concise was created during the MoSMath project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) under contract number P20631. Their support is gratefully acknowledged. The project is supervised by Prof. Arnold Neumaier and Prof. Hermann Schichl, and the project assistants are Mag. Kevin Kofler, Dr. Peter Schodl and myself.

This project is still under developement but you can download and try the alpha version if you wish. Please feel free to send us your remarks or error reports.


In the screenshot below shows a sample Concise session. This session consist of several graphical and textual views used for editing and representing the semantic memory. Detailed theoretical and usage instructions can be found in the Concise help and automatically generated concise manual.

An important part of Concise is DynGenPar (Dynamic Generalized Parser). Additional information as well as the stand-alone open source distribution can be found at the DynGenPar website. (Its use in the non-GPL-licensed Concise was approved by the copyright holder in the interest of the FMathL project.)

Concise Screenshot

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