Download Concise

In order to use Concise, you will have to install the latest Java Runtime Environment. For detailed install instuctions read the corresponding *-install.txt files.

DynGenPar which is an essential part of Concise requires QT. The windows version also requires MinGW. Please read the licencing for these products at the corresponding websites.

Concise must not be redistributed because, at this stage, we wish that all users download the latest version from this official download page. Please read the licence (as well as the licence for libgcc and libstdc++, the licence for Qt and the licence for Qt Jambi, which are bundled with Concise) before using Concise.

Notes: The software is still in testing, please report errors to: ferenc DOT domes AT SIGN univie DOT ac DOT at. Have fun trying Concise!

Download Concise version 0.9 Alpha
Windows Install instructions 1 K win_install.txt
Installer 23.5 MB Concise-0_9315.exe
Linux Install instructions 1 K linux_install.txt
Archive 54.0 MB Concise-0_9315.tar.xz
Documentation Manual 370 K Manual.pdf

The installer or tarball bundles some third-party libraries whose licenses require us to redistribute their source code:

Third-Party Library Sources
Qt LGPLv2.1 + exception qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.4.tar.gz
Qt Jambi LGPLv2.1 + exception qtjambi-src-4.7-beta2.tar.gz
our build scripts qtjambi-build-scripts.tar.xz
libgcc (MinGW) GPLv3 (or later) + exception gcc-4.6.1-2-mingw32-src.tar.lzma
libstdc++ (MinGW)

In addition, the source code of DynGenPar under the GPLv2 or later can be found at the DynGenPar website. (Its use in the non-GPL-licensed Concise was approved by the copyright holder in the interest of the FMathL project.).