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Geometry, Analysis and Physics (GAP)

A joint seminar of the University of Vienna (UV) and the Vienna University of Technology (TU)

Organized by: M. Bauer (UV), V. Branding (TU), A. Burtscher (UV), D. Fajman (UV), F. Genoud (UV), J. Joudioux (UV)

Place: Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Besprechungszimmer 3 (3rd floor)

Date: Thursdays, 10:30-12:00

About: This seminar is intended to be a meeting point of young researchers of the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna in the fields of Geometry, Analysis and Physics. Its purpose is to favour interactions in our community, as well as to broaden our knowledge. Considering the width of both the audience and the topics, the seminar shall be kept at an elementary level. This means that the presentations will be as introductory and as less technical as possible. All researchers from both universities interested in Geometry, Analysis and Physics are kindly invited to attend/speak in the seminar. Regarding the organization, the seminar will be held weekly and the talks should not exceed 50 minutes, plus questions. Master students and PhD candidates will be able to validate their participation.

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