PD Dr. rer. nat. habil. Sorin-Mihai Grad

Supervised theses and student activities
  • 2019: C. Thiede - ... [Diploma thesis]

  • 2019: S. Gellinger - ... [Diploma thesis]

  • 2019: P. Hansen - ... [Diploma thesis]

  • 2018/9: H.T. Foo - New algorithms in natural language processing [Bachelor, in the framework of an industry project with ExB Labs]

  • 2018/9: S. Chanaa - Balance price in energy markets [Diploma thesis, in the framework of an industry project with Optimax Energy]

  • 2018/9: L. Fieback - Proximal support vector machines [Diploma thesis]

  • 2018/9: A. Blechschmitt - Simulated annealing in climate research [Diploma thesis]

  • 2018/9: L. Nan - Proximal point algorithms in portfolio optimization [Diploma thesis]

  • 2017-: S. Bitterlich - ... [PhD thesis]

  • 2017: F. Hohlfeld - Prognosis of the balance price in the energy market [Master thesis, in the framework of an industry project with eins]

  • 2017: R. Merz - Solving the sheppherd's problem via reinforcement learning [Master thesis]

  • 2017: T. Barth - Proximal point algorithms in vector optimization [Master thesis]

  • 2016: N. Iglli - Portfolio optimization under shortfall-risk restrictions [Master thesis]

  • 2016: L. Mayer - Proximal point algorithms in image processing [Bachelor thesis]

  • 2016: L. Höpfner - Duality investigations for K-semidefinite multiobjective optimization problems [Diploma thesis, Eleonore Dießner Prize 2017]

  • 2016: B. Schaffrath - Alternative statements for fractional optimization problems [Bachelor thesis]

  • 2015: N. Rudowol - Location problems with minimal-time functions [Diploma thesis, nominated for the Eleonore Dießner Prize 2016]

  • 2014: D. Schädlich - Duality investigations via generalized convexity notions [Diploma thesis]

  • 2012: E.L. Pop - Duality and optimality conditions in vector optimization [Ph.D thesis, together with Prof. Dr. D. Duca]

  • 2012: H.-V. Boncea - Duality and approximation for special classes of optimization problems [Ph.D thesis, together with Prof. Dr. D. Duca]

  • 2011: O. Wilfer - Duality investigations via augmented Lagrangians for optimization problems [Diploma thesis]

  • 2010: O. Wilfer - Duality and optimality conditions in portfolio optimization by means of the risk measures value-at-risk and conditional value-at-risk [Semester paper]

  • 2007: R. Scherf - Lagrangians and duality [Diploma thesis]

  • 2006: R. Scherf - On different types of dual optimization problems [Semester paper]

  • 2005: R. Schiffmann & G. Nagy - Making the website of the Professorship of approximation theory [School practicum]

  • co-supervisor/second reviewer for 1 PhD, 2 Master, 6 Diploma and 3 Bachelor theses

Themes for Bachelor and Master theses can be ofered in the fields of nonsmooth optimization, numerical and applied optimization, vector and set-valued optimization, convex and nonsmooth analysis as well as monotone operators. If interested feel free to contact me.