Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire - FPSAC 2017

Issue 78B

Proceedings of the 29th International Conference on "Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics", July 9 - 13, 2017, Queen Mary University of London, UK


Extended Abstracts of Talks and Posters

[78B.1] Eugene Gorsky and Andrei Negut
Infinitesimal Change of Stable Basis (12 pp.)
[78B.2] Robert Davis and Bruce Sagan
Pattern-Avoiding Polytopes (12 pp.)
[78B.3] Patrick Brosnan and Timothy Y. Chow
Unit Interval Orders and the Dot Action on the Cohomology of Regular Semisimple Hessenberg Varieties (11 pp.)
[78B.4] Spencer Backman and Matthias Lenz
A Convolution Formula for Tutte Polynomials of Arithmetic Matroids and Other Combinatorial Structures (12 pp.)
[78B.5] Agnieszka Czyzewska-Jankowska and Piotr Śniady
Jack Characters and Enumeration of Maps (12 pp.)
[78B.6] Alexander Diaz-Lopez, Pamela E. Harris, Erik Insko and Mohamed Omar
A Proof of the Peak Polynomial Positivity Conjecture (9 pp.)
[78B.7] Timothy Alland and Edward Richmond
Pattern Avoidance and Fiber Bundle Structures on Schubert Varieties (12 pp.)
[78B.8] Graham Hawkes, Kirill Paramonov and Anne Schilling
Crystal Analysis of Type C Stanley Symmetric Functions (10 pp.)
[78B.9] Nathaniel Thiem
Supercharacter Theories of Type A Unipotent Radicals and Unipotent Polytopes (12 pp.)
[78B.10] Hugh Thomas and Nathan Williams
Sweeping up Zeta (12 pp.)
[78B.11] Sami Assaf and Dominic Searles
Slide Polynomials (12 pp.)
[78B.12] Sami Assaf
Tableau Models For Schubert Polynomials (12 pp.)
[78B.13] Carolina Benedetti and Nantel Bergeron
The Antipode of Linearized Hopf Monoids (12 pp.)
[78B.14] Zachary Hamaker, Adam Keilthy, Rebecca Patrias, Lillian Webster, Yinuo Zhang and Shuqi Zhou
Shifted Hecke insertion and K-theory of OG(n,2n+1) (12 pp.)
[78B.15] Samuele Giraudo
Combalgebraic Structures on Decorated Cliques (12 pp.)
[78B.16] Alexander Garver, Thomas McConville amd Khrystyna Serhiyenko
Minimal Length Maximal Green Sequences (12 pp.)
[78B.17] Vladimir Grujić and Tanja Stojadinović
Counting Faces of Nestohedra (7 pp.)
[78B.18] Joël Gay and Florent Hivert
The 0-Rook Monoid and its Representation Theory (12 pp.)
[78B.19] Mathilde Bouvel, Veronica Guerrini, Andrew Rechnitzer and Simone Rinaldi
Semi-Baxter and Strong-Baxter Permutations (12 pp.)
[78B.20] Steven N. Karp and Lauren K. Williams
The m=1 Amplituhedron and Cyclic Hyperplane Arrangements (12 pp.)
[78B.21] Vladimir I. Danilov and Alexander V. Karzanov
On Universal Quadratic Identities for Minors of Quantum Matrices (12 pp.)
[78B.22] Dario De Stavola
A Plancherel Measure Associated to Set Partitions and Its Limit (12 pp.)
[78B.23] Richard Ehrenborg and Dustin Hedmark
Filters in the Partition Lattice (12 pp.)
[78B.24] Emerson León
Stapledon Decompositions and Inequalities for Coefficients of Chromatic Polynomials (12 pp.)
[78B.25] Jang Soo Kim, Kyu-Hwan Lee and Se-jin Oh
Dominant Maximal Weights of Highest Weight Modules and Young Tableaux (12 pp.)
[78B.26] Tomack Gilmore
Holey Matrimony: Marrying Two Approaches to a Tiling Problem (12 pp.)
[78B.27] Jules Depersin, Stéphane Gaubert and Michael Joswig
A Tropical Isoperimetric Inequality (12 pp.)
[78B.28] Michael Borinsky
Generating Asymptotics for Factorially Divergent Sequences (12 pp.)
[78B.29] Shuhei Kamioka
Multiplicative Partition Functions for Reverse Plane Partitions Derived from an Integrable Dynamical System (12 pp.)
[78B.30] Sam Hopkins, Thomas McConville and Jim Propp
Sorting via Chip-Firing (12 pp.)
[78B.31] Gaku Liu
A Counterexample to the Extension Space Conjecture for Realizable Oriented Matroids (7 pp.)
[78B.32] Richard Ehrenborg, Gábor Hetyei and Margaret Readdy
Realizing Simion's Type B Associahedron as a Pulling Triangulation of the Legendre Polytope (12 pp.)
[78B.33] Darij Grinberg
Double Posets and the Antipode of QSym (12 pp.)
[78B.34] Ben Salisbury and Travis Scrimshaw
Using Rigged Configurations to Model B(\infty) (12 pp.)
[78B.35] Cara Monical
Set-Valued Skyline Fillings (12 pp.)
[78B.36] Henri Mühle and Philippe Nadeau
The Alternating Group Generated by 3-Cycles (12 pp.)
[78B.37] Frédéric Chapoton and Philippe Nadeau
Combinatorics of the Categories of Noncrossing Partitions (12 pp.)
[78B.38] Andrew Timothy Wilson
Torus Link Homology and the Nabla Operator (11 pp.)
[78B.39] Nicolas Borie
Three-Dimensional Catalan Numbers and Product-Coproduct Prographs (12 pp.)
[78B.40] Christian Korff
Dimers, Crystals and Quantum Kostka Numbers (12 pp.)
[78B.41] Drew Armstrong and James McKeown
The Waldspurger Transform of Permutations and Alternating Sign Matrices (12 pp.)
[78B.42] Jae-Ho Lee and Hajime Tanaka
Dual Polar Graphs, a Nil-DAHA of Rank One, and Non-Symmetric Dual q-Krawtchouk Polynomials (12 pp.)
[78B.43] Enrica Duchi, Veronica Guerrini, Simone Rinaldi and Gilles Schaeffer
Fighting Fish: Enumerative Properties (12 pp.)
[78B.44] Dan Betea, Jérémie Bouttier, Peter Nejjar and Mirjana Vuletić
The Free Boundary Schur Process and Applications (12 pp.)
[78B.45] Thomas Gobet
On Cycle Decompositions in Coxeter Groups (12 pp.)
[78B.46] Gabriel Frieden
Rational Lift of the Combinatorial R-Matrix (12 pp.)
[78B.47] Emily Gunawan and Travis Scrimshaw
Realization of Kirillov-Reshetikhin Crystals B1,s for sl^n Using Nakajima Monomials (12 pp.)
[78B.48] Connor Ahlbach and Joshua P. Swanson
Refined Cyclic Sieving (12 pp.)
[78B.49] Kassie Archer, Sergi Elizalde and Katherine Moore
Patterns of Negative Shifts and Signed Shifts (12 pp.)
[78B.50] Joshua P. Swanson
Standard Tableaux and Modular Major Index (9 pp.)
[78B.51] Zachary Hamaker, Eric Marberg and Brendan Pawlowski
Involution Schubert-Coxeter Combinatorics (12 pp.)
[78B.52] Dongsu Kim and Zhicong Lin
Refined Restricted Inversion Sequences (12 pp.)
[78B.53] Jacinta Torres
On a Conjecture of Naito-Sagaki: Littelmann Paths and Littlewood-Richardson Sundaram Tableaux (11 pp.)
[78B.54] Boris Adamczewski, Jason P. Bell, Éric Delaygue and Frédéric Jouhet
Congruences Modulo Cyclotomic Polynomials and Algebraic Independence for q-Series (12 pp.)
[78B.55] Anatol N. Kirillov and Gleb Nenashev
On Q-Deformations of Postnikov-Shapiro Algebras (12 pp.)
[78B.56] Sylvie Corteel and Arthur Nunge
2-Species Exclusion Processes and Combinatorial Algebras (12 pp.)
[78B.57] Elizabeth Niese
A Remmel-Whitney Rule for Quasisymmetric Schur Functions (12 pp.)
[78B.58] Matthieu Josuat-Vergès, Frédéric Menous, Jean-Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon
Noncommutative Free Cumulants (12 pp.)
[78B.59] Motoki Takigiku
On Some Factorization Formulas of K-k-Schur Functions (12 pp.)
[78B.60] Florian Aigner
Refined Enumerations of Alternating Sign Triangles (12 pp.)
[78B.61] Thomas McConville
Enumerative Properties of Grid Associahedra (12 pp.)
[78B.62] Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam
The Critical Exponent: a Novel Graph Invariant (12 pp.)
[78B.63] Henry Kvinge, Anthony M. Licata and Stuart Mitchell
Khovanov's Heisenberg Category, Moments in Free Probability, and Shifted Symmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[78B.64] Ron M. Adin, Eli Bagno and Yuval Roichman
Block Numbers of Permutations and Schur-Positivity (12 pp.)
[78B.65] Robin Sulzgruber
Building Reverse Plane Partitions with Rim-Hook-Shaped Bricks (12 pp.)
[78B.66] Jehanne Dousse
The Method of Weighted Words Revisited (12 pp.)
[78B.67] Voula Collins
A Puzzle Formula for H*T x Cx(T*Pn) (12 pp.)
[78B.68] Cesar Ceballos, Arnau Padrol and Carmilo Sarmiento
Geometry of ν-Tamari Lattices in Types A and B (12 pp.)
[78B.69] Tim Dwyer and Sergi Elizalde
A necessary Condition for c-Wilf Equivalence (12 pp.)
[78B.70] Emmanuel Briand, Amarpreet Rattan and Mercedes Rosas
On the Growth of Kronecker Coefficients (12 pp.)
[78B.71] Stephan Pfannerer, Martin Rubey and Bruce W. Westbury
Promotion, Evacuation and Cactus Groups (12 pp.)
[78B.72] Jason P. Smith
Pattern Posets (12 pp.)
[78B.73] Ira M. Gessel, Sean Griffin and Vasu Tewari
Schur Positivity and Labeled Binary Trees (12 pp.)
[78B.74] Brittney Ellzey
Chromatic Quasisymmetric Functions of Directed Graphs (12 pp.)
[78B.75] Chris Fraser, Thomas Lam and Ian Le
From Dimers to Tensor Invariants (12 pp.)
[78B.76] Emily Gunawan, Gregg Musiker and Hannah Vogel
Infinite Friezes of Cluster Algebras from Surfaces (12 pp.)
[78B.77] Gurbir Dhillon and Apoorva Khare
The Weyl-Kac Weight Formula (12 pp.)
[78B.78] Michael Joseph and Tom Roby
Toggling Independent Sets of a Path Graph (12 pp.)
[78B.79] Guillaume Chapuy
On Tessellations of Random Maps and the tg-Recurrence (12 pp.)
[78B.80] Katie Gedeon, Nicholas Proudfoot and Benjamin Young
Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials of Matroids: a Survey of Results and Conjectures (12 pp.)
[78B.81] Anastasia Chavez and Felix Gotti
Dyck Paths and Positroids from Unit Interval Orders (12 pp.)
[78B.82] Rafael S. González D'León and Joshua Hallam
Whitney Duals of Geometric Lattices (12 pp.)
[78B.83] Dun Qiu and Jeffrey B. Remmel
Schur Function Expansions and the Rational Shuffle Conjecture (12 pp.)
[78B.84] Marcelo Aguiar and Swee Hong Chan
Toric Arrangements Associated to Graphs (12 pp.)
[78B.85] Brendan Pawlowski
A Representation-Theoretic Interpretation of Positroid Classes (12 pp.)
[78B.86] Matthias Beck and Maryam Farahmand
Partially Magic Labelings and the Antimagic Graph Conjecture (11 pp.)