Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire - FPSAC 2018

Issue 80B

Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on "Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics", July 16 - 20, 2018, Dartmouth College, Hanover, USA


Extended Abstracts of Talks and Posters

[80B.1] Rebecca Patrias
Promotion on Generalized Oscillating Tableaux and Web Rotation (12 pp.)
[80B.2] Alexander Clifton, Peter Dillery, and Alexander Garver
The Canonical Join Complex for Biclosed Sets (12 pp.)
[80B.3] Isaac Konan
A Bijective Proof and Generalization of Siladić's Theorem (12 pp.)
[80B.4] Henri Mühle
On the Lattice Property of Shard Orders (12 pp.)
[80B.5] Ira M. Gessel and Yan Zhuang
Shuffle-Compatible Descent Statistics and Quotients of Quasisymmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[80B.6] Trevor Hyde
Factorization Statistics and the Twisted Grothendieck-Lefschetz formula (12 pp.)
[80B.7] Wenjie Fang
Fighting Fish and Two-Stack Sortable Permutations (12 pp.)
[80B.8] Sergi Elizalde and Justin M. Troyka
The Number of Cycles with a Given Descent Set (12 pp.)
[80B.9] Jia Huang and Brendon Rhoades
Ordered Set Partitions and the 0-Hecke Algebra (12 pp.)
[80B.10] Raul Penaguiao
The Kernel of Chromatic Quasisymmetric Functions on Graphs and Nestohedra (12 pp.)
[80B.11] Ayush Agarwal and Christian Gaetz
Differential Posets, Cayley Graphs, and Critical Groups (12 pp.)
[80B.12] Georgia Benkart, Laura Colmenarejo, Pamela E. Harris, Rosa Orellana, Greta Panova, Anne Schilling, and Martha Yip
A minimaj-Preserving Crystal Structure on Ordered Multiset Partitions (12 pp.)
[80B.13] Matjaž Konvalinka
A Bijective Proof of the Hook-Length Formula for Skew Shapes (12 pp.)
[80B.14] Apoorva Khare and Terence Tao
Schur Polynomials, Entrywise Positivity Preservers, and Weak Majorization (12 p.)
[80B.15] Christophe Hohlweg, Vincent Pilaud, and Salvatore Stella
Universal Associahedra (12 pp.)
[80B.16] James Propp
One-dimensional Packing: Maximality Implies Rationality (11 pp.)
[80B.17] Tri Lai and Ranjan Rohatgi
Cyclically Symmetric Lozenge Tilings of a Hexagon with Four Holes (12 pp.)
[80B.18] Foster Tom and Stephanie van Willigenburg
Schur-positivity of Equitable Ribbons (12 pp.)
[80B.19] Sheila Sundaram
On a Variant of Lien (12 pp.)
[80B.20] Ben Salisbury and Travis Scrimshaw
Description of Crystals for Generalized Kac-Moody Algebras Using Rigged Configurations (12 pp.)
[80B.21] Pavel Galashin, Sam Hopkins, Thomas McConville, and Alexander Postnikov
Root System Chip-Firing (12 pp.)
[80B.22] Monica Garcia and Alexander Garver
Semistable Subcategories for Tiling Algebras (12 pp.)
[80B.23] Pavel Galashin, Steven N. Karp, and Thomas Lam
The Totally Nonnegative Grassmannian Is a Ball (12 pp.)
[80B.24] Scott Andrews
The Unipotent Modules of GLn(Fq) via Tableaux (12 pp.)
[80B.25] Cristina Ballantine, Zajj Daugherty, Angela Hicks, Sarah Mason, and Elizabeth Niese
Quasisymmetric Power Sums (12 pp.)
[80B.26] Sami Assaf and Ezgi Kantarci Oğuz
Crystal Graphs for Shifted Tableaux (12 pp.)
[80B.27] Jang Soo Kim and U-Keun Song
Proof of Chapoton's Conjecture on Newton Polygons of q-Ehrhart Polynomials (12 pp.)
[80B.28] Jang Soo Kim and Meesue Yoo
Hook Length Property of d-Complete Posets via q-Integrals (12 pp.)
[80B.29] Apoorva Khare
Generalized Nil-Coxeter Algebras (12 pp.)
[80B.30] Christian Korff and David Palazzo
Cylindric Reverse Plane Partitions and 2D TQFT (12 pp.)
[80B.31] Nickolas Hein and Jia Huang
Variations of the Catalan Numbers From Some Nonassociative Binary Operations (12 pp.)
[80B.32] Sebastian König
The Decomposition of 0-Hecke Modules Associated to Quasisymmetric Schur Functions (12 pp.)
[80B.33] Baptiste Louf
A New Family of Bijections for Planar Maps (12 pp.)
[80B.34] Michele D'Adderio and Anna Vanden Wyngaerd
Decorated Dyck Paths and the Delta Conjecture (12 pp.)
[80B.35] Jackson A. Criswell, Ben Salisbury, and Peter Tingley
PBW Bases and Marginally Large Tableaux in Types B and C (12 pp.)
[80B.36] Kevin Dilks, Jessica Striker, and Corey Vorland
Increasing Labelings, Generalized Promotion and Rowmotion (12 pp.)
[80B.37] Gregg Musiker and Tom Roby
A Formula for Birational Rowmotion on Rectangles (12 pp.)
[80B.38] Jérémie Bettinelli
Convergence of Uniform Noncrossing Partitions Toward the Brownian Triangulation (12 pp.)
[80B.39] Yann Palu, Vincent Pilaud, and Pierre-Guy Plamondon
Non-Kissing Complexes for Gentle Algebras (12 pp.)
[80B.40] Tair Akhmejanov
Growth Diagrams from Polygons in the Affine Grassmannian (12 pp.)
[80B.41] Maciej Dołęga
A Combinatorial Formula for Macdonald Cumulants (12 pp.)
[80B.42] Ying Li
Stability of the Heisenberg Product on Symmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[80B.43] Anders Claesson and Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson
Enumerating Permutations Sortable by k Passes Through a Pop-Stack (12 pp.)
[80B.44] Felix Gotti
On Positroids Induced by Rational Dyck Paths (12 pp.)
[80B.45] Andrei L. Kanunnikov, Valentin V. Promyslov, and Ekaterina A. Vassilieva
A Labelled Variant of the Matchings-Jack and Hypermap-Jack Conjectures (12 pp.)
[80B.46] Erik Aas, Darij Grinberg, and Travis Scrimshaw
Multiline Queues With Spectral Parameters (12 pp.)
[80B.47] Westin King and Catherine Yan
Parking Functions on Oriented Trees (12 pp.)
[80B.48] Justin Allman and Richárd Rimányi
K-Theoretic Pieri Rule via Iterated Residues (12 pp.)
[80B.49] Megumi Harada and Martha Precup
The Cohomology of Abelian Hessenberg Varieties and the Stanley-Stembridge Conjecture (12 pp.)
[80B.50] Marko Thiel and Nathan Williams
Winnie-the-Pooh and the Strange Expectations (12 pp.)
[80B.51] Joel Brewster Lewis, Jon McCammond, T. Kyle Petersen, and Petra Schwer
Computing Reflection Length in an Affine Coxeter Group (12 pp.)
[80B.52] Anna Weigandt
Prism Tableaux for Alternating Sign Matrix Varieties (12 pp.)
[80B.53] Dominic Searles
Combinatorial Bases of Polynomials (12 pp.)
[80B.54] Byung-Hak Hwang, Jang Soo Kim, Meesue Yoo, and Sun-mi Yun
Reverse Plane Partitions of Skew Staircase Shapes and q-Euler Numbers (12 pp.)
[80B.55] Melissa Sherman-Bennett
Combinatorics of X-Variables in Finite Type Cluster Algebras (12 pp.)
[80B.56] Henri Mühle and Vivien Ripoll
Connectivity Properties of Factorization Posets in Generated Groups (12 pp.)
[80B.57] Arthur Nunge
Eulerian Polynomials on Segmented Permutations (12 pp.)
[80B.58] Christophe Cordero
Enumerative Combinatorics of Prographs (12 pp.)
[80B.59] Soojin Cho and JiSun Huh
On e-Positivity and e-Unimodality of Chromatic Quasisymmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[80B.60] Ron M. Adin, Victor Reiner, and Yuval Roichman
On Cyclic Descents for Tableaux (12 pp.)
[80B.61] Vincent Pilaud and Viviane Pons
Algebraic Structures on Integer Posets (12 pp.)
[80B.62] Seung-Il Choi and Jae-Hoon Kwon
Crystals and Schur P-Positive Expansions (12 pp.)
[80B.63] Tamar Friedmann, Philip Hanlon, Richard P. Stanley, and Michelle L. Wachs
Action of the Symmetric Group on the Free LAnKe: a CataLAnKe Theorem (12 pp.)
[80B.64] Nancy Abdallah, Mikael Hansson, and Axel Hultman
Topology of Posets with Special Partial Matchings (12 pp.)
[80B.65] Eric Marberg
Actions of the 0-Hecke Monoids of Affine Symmetric Groups (12 pp.)
[80B.66] Kassie Archer, Angela M. Gay, Virginia Germany, C. Marin King, Lindsey-Kay Lauderdale, Thomas Lupo, and Francesca L. Rossi
On the Number of λ-Unimodal Involutions (12 pp.)
[80B.67] Mathias Lepoutre
Bijective Proof of the Rationality of the Generating Series of Higher-Genus Maps (12 pp.)
[80B.68] Pavel Galashin
Plabic Graphs and Zonotopal Tilings (12 pp.)
[80B.69] Emily Sergel
A Parking Function Interpretation for ∇mn,1k (12 pp.)
[80B.70] Carolina Benedetti, Nantel Bergeron, and John Machacek
Hypergraphic Polytopes: Combinatorial Properties and Antipode (12 pp.)
[80B.71] Maria Gillespie, Jake Levinson, and Kevin Purbhoo
Shifted Tableau Crystals (12 pp.)
[80B.72] Christin Bibby and Nir Gadish
Combinatorics of Orbit Configuration Spaces (11 pp.)
[80B.73] Ricky Ini Liu and Michael Weselcouch
P-Partition Generating Function Equivalence of Naturally Labeled Posets (12 pp.)
[80B.74] Ryan Kaliszewski, Justin Lambright, and Mark Skandera
Bases of the Quantum Matrix Bialgebra and Induced Sign Characters of the Hecke Algebra (12 pp.)
[80B.75] Emily Barnard
The Canonical Join Complex of the Tamari Lattice (12 pp.)
[80B.76] Henry Kvinge, Can Ozan Oğuz, and Michael Reeks
The Center of the Twisted Heisenberg Category, Factorial P-Schur Functions, and Transition Functions on the Schur Graph (12 pp.)
[80B.77] Angela Hicks and Marino Romero
Delta Operators at q=1 and Polyominoes (12 pp.)
[80B.78] Sami Assaf and Danjoseph Quijada
A Pieri Rule for Key Polynomials (12 pp.)
[80B.79] Svante Linusson and Samu Potka
Properties of the Edelman-Greene Bijection (12 pp.)
[80B.80] Thomas Browning, Max Hopkins, and Zander Kelley
Doppelgangers: the Ur-Operation and Posets of Bounded Height (12 pp.)
[80B.81] Sami Assaf and Nicolle S. González
Crystal Graphs, Key Tabloids, and Nonsymmetric Macdonald Polynomials (12 pp.)
[80B.82] Alex McDonough
Genus From Sandpile Torsor Algorithm (12 pp.)
[80B.83] Justine Falque and Nicolas M. Thiéry
The Orbit Algebra of an Oligomorphic Permutation Group with Polynomial Profile is Cohen-Macaulay (12 pp.)
[80B.84] Alejandro H. Morales, Igor Pak, and Greta Panova
Product Formulas for Standard Tableaux of a Family of Skew Shapes (12 pp.)
[80B.85] Ron M. Adin, Daniel Kalmanovich, and Eran Nevo
On the Cone of f-Vectors of Cubical Polytopes (12 pp.)
[80B.86] Theo Douvropoulos
Cyclic Sieving for Reduced Reflection Factorizations of the Coxeter Element (12 pp.)
[80B.87] Carolina Benedetti, Rafael S. González D'León, Christopher R. H. Hanusa, Pamela E. Harris, Apoorva Khare, Alejandro H. Morales, and Martha Yip
The Volume of the Caracol Polytope (12 pp.)
[80B.88] Rafael S. González D'León and Joshua Hallam
Whitney Labelings and 0-Hecke Algebra Actions on Graded Posets (12 pp.)
[80B.89] Karola Mészáros and Avery St. Dizier
From Generalized Permutahedra to Grothendieck Polynomials via Flow Polytopes (9 pp.)
[80B.90] Per Alexandersson, Jim Haglund, and George Wang
On the Schur Expansion of Jack Polynomials (12 pp.)
[80B.91] Louis J. Billera, Sara C. Billey, and Vasu Tewari
Boolean Product Polynomials and Schur-Positivity (12 pp.)
[80B.92] Anastasia Chavez and John Guo
Dual Equivalence Graphs and CAT(0) Combinatorics (12 pp.)
[80B.93] David Jordan and Monica Vazirani
A Schur-Weyl Like Construction of the Rectangular Representation for the Double Affine Hecke Algebra (12 pp.)
[80B.94] Spencer Backman, Matthew Baker, and Chi Ho Yuen
Geometric Bijections for Regular Matroids, Zonotopes, and Ehrhart Theory (11 pp.)
[80B.95] Olya Mandelshtam
Bijection from Multiline Queues to Rhombic Tableaux for the Inhomogeneous 2-TASEP (12 pp.)
[80B.96] Gleb Koshevoy
Cluster Fan of z-Vectors and Toric Degenerations (12 pp.)

Software Presentation

[80B.97] Brett Barwick, Thomas Enkosky, Branden Stone, and Jim Vallandingham
Visualizing combinatorial objects in Macaulay2 (12 pp.)