Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire - FPSAC 2020

Issue 84B

Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on "Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics", July 6 - 24, 2020 (Online)


Extended Abstracts of Talks and Posters

[84B.1] Isaac Konan
Beyond Göllnitz' Theorem I: A Bijective Approach (12 pp.)
[84B.2] Élie de Panafieu and Sergey Dovgal
Counting Directed Acyclic and Elementary Digraphs (12 pp.)
[84B.3] Elia Bisi, Fabio Deelan Cunden, Shane Gibbons and Dan Romik
Sorting Networks, Staircase Young Tableaux, and Last Passage Percolation (12 pp.)
[84B.4] Colin Defant
Uniquely Sorted Permutations (12 pp.)
[84B.5] Jimmy He
A Characteristic Map for the Symmetric Space of Symplectic Forms over a Finite Field (12 pp.)
[84B.6] Florent Hivert and Vincent Pilaud
Signaletic Operads (12 pp.)
[84B.7] Christian Gaetz and Yibo Gao
Separable Elements: Linear Extensions, Graph Associahedra, and Splittings of Weyl Groups (12 pp.)
[84B.8] Łukasz Maślanka and Piotr Śniady
Limit Shapes of Evacuation and Jeu de Taquin Paths in Random Square Tableaux (12 pp.)
[84B.9] Hariharan Narayanan
On the Distribution of Random Words in a Compact Lie Group (12 pp.)
[84B.10] Vladimir I. Danilov, Alexander V. Karzanov and Gleb A. Koshevoy
Cubillages in Odd Dimensions (12 pp.)
[84B.11] Wenjie Fang
Bijective Link Between Chapoton's New Intervals and Bipartite Planar Maps (12 pp.)
[84B.12] Ira M. Gessel and Yan Zhuang
Counting Permutations by Peaks, Descents, and Cycle Type (12 pp.)
[84B.13] Arnau Padrol, Yann Palu, Vincent Pilaud and Pierre-Guy Plamondon
On Type Cones of g-Vector Fans (12 pp.)
[84B.14] Aram Dermenjian, Christophe Hohlweg, Thomas McConville and Vincent Pilaud
The Facial Weak Order on Hyperplane Arrangements (11 pp.)
[84B.15] Valentin Buciumas, Travis Scrimshaw and Katherine Weber
Colored Five-Vertex Models and Lascoux Polynomials and Atoms (12 pp.)
[84B.16] Il-Seung Jang and Jae-Hoon Kwon
Flagged Littlewood-Richardson Tableaux and Branching Rule for Orthogonal Groups (12 pp.)
[84B.17] Matjaž Konvalinka and Vasu Tewari
Smirnov Trees (12 pp.)
[84B.18] Ilse Fischer and Matjaž Konvalinka
The First Bijective Proof of the Refined ASM Theorem (12 pp.)
[84B.19] Oliver Pechenik and Travis Scrimshaw
K-theoretic Crystals for Set-Valued Tableaux of Rectangular Shapes (12 pp.)
[84B.20] Yuliy Baryshnikov
Euler Characteristics of Exotic Configuration Spaces (12 pp.)
[84B.21] William Craig and Anna Ying Pun
Higher order Turán inequalities for k-regular partitions (8 pp.)
[84B.22] Camille Combe and Samuele Giraudo
Three Interacting Families of Fuss-Catalan Posets (12 pp.)
[84B.23] Cristina Ballantine and Mircea Merca
The Minimal Excludant and Colored Partitions (12 pp.)
[84B.24] Eugene Gorsky, Mikhail Mazin and Monica Vazirani
Recursions for Rational q,t-Catalan Numbers (12 pp.)
[84B.25] Petter Brändén and Liam Solus
Some Algebraic Properties of Lecture Hall Polytopes (12 pp.)
[84B.26] Sergi Elizalde
Measuring Symmetry in Lattice Paths and Partitions (12 pp.)
[84B.27] Juan S. Auli and Sergi Elizalde
Inversion Sequences Avoiding Consecutive Patterns (12 pp.)
[84B.28] Stephen Lacina
Poset Topology of s-Weak Order via SB-Labelings (12 pp.)
[84B.29] Young-Hun Kim, Se-jin Oh and Young-Tak Oh
Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon on Dominant Maximal Weights (12 pp.)
[84B.30] Jacopo Borga and Raúl Penaguiâo
The Feasible Region for Consecutive Patterns of Permutations is a Cycle Polytope (12 pp.)
[84B.31] Pavel Galashin, Steven N. Karp and Thomas Lam
Regularity Theorem for Totally Nonnegative Flag Varieties (12 pp.)
[84B.32] Renzo Cavalieri, Maria Gillespie and Leonid Monin
Projective Embeddings of M-0,n and Parking Functions (12 pp.)
[84B.33] Jennifer Morse, Jianping Pan, Wencin Poh and Anne Schilling
Crystal for Stable Grothendieck Polynomials (12 pp.)
[84B.34] Sylvie Corteel, Jim Haglund, Olya Mandelshtam, Sarah Mason and Lauren Williams
Compact Formulas for Macdonald Polynomials and Quasisymmetric Macdonald Polynomials (12 pp.)
[84B.35] Hyunsoo Cho, Jisun Huh and Jaebum Sohn
The (s,s+d,...,s+pd)-Core Partitions and Rational Motzkin Paths (12 pp.)
[84B.36] Qiong Qiong Pan and Jiang Zeng
The γ-Coefficients of Brändén's (p,q)-Eulerian Polynomials and André Permutations (12 pp.)
[84B.37] Dominic Searles
Extended Schur Functions and 0-Hecke Modules (11 pp.)
[84B.38] Takahiro Nagaoka and Akiko Yazawa
Strict Log-Concavity of the Kirchhoff Polynomial and Its Applications (12 pp.)
[84B.39] Minki Kim and Alan Lew
Complexes of Graphs with Bounded Independence Number (12 pp.)
[84B.40] Bin Han, Jianxi Mao and Jiang Zeng
Eulerian Polynomials and Excedance Statistics Via Continued Fractions (12 pp.)
[84B.41] Dan Betea
Determinantal Point Processes from Symplectic and Orthogonal Characters and Applications (12 pp.)
[84B.42] Maciej Dołęga, Thomas Gerber and Jacinta Torres
A Positive Combinatorial Formula for Symplectic Kostka-Foulkes Polynomials I: Rows (12 pp.)
[84B.43] Andrew Elvey Price
Counting Lattice Walks by Winding Angle (12 pp.)
[84B.44] Sara C. Billey, Matjaž Konvalinka and Joshua P. Swanson
On the Distribution of the Major Index on Standard Young Tableaux (12 pp.)
[84B.45] Jordan Almeter
Generalizing Nestohedra and Graph Associahedra for Simple Polytopes (12 pp.)
[84B.46] Jinha Kim and Minki Kim
Noncover Complexes, Independence Complexes, and Domination Numbers of Hypergraphs (11 pp.)
[84B.47] Darij Grinberg and Fedor Petrov
The Bhargava Greedoid (12 pp.)
[84B.48] Laura Colmenarejo, Rosa Orellana, Franco Saliola, Anne Schilling and Mike Zabrocki
An Insertion Algorithm for Diagram Algebras (12 pp.)
[84B.49] Joâo Miguel Santos
Symplectic Keys and Demazure Atoms in Type C (12 pp.)
[84B.50] Gábor Hetyei
The Dual of the Type B Permutohedron as a Tchebyshev Triangulation (12 pp.)
[84B.51] Inês Rodrigues
An Action of the Cactus Group on Shifted Tableau Crystals (12 pp.)
[84B.52] Spencer Backman, Christopher Eur and Connor Simpson
Simplicial Generation of Chow Rings of Matroids (11 pp.)
[84B.53] Jeremy Meza
On the Combinatorics of LLT Polynomials in Sp2n (12 pp.)
[84B.54] Byung-Hak Hwang, Woo-Seok Jung, Kang-Ju Lee, Jaeseong Oh and Sang-Hoon Yu
Acyclic Orientation Polynomials and the Sink Theorem for Chromatic Symmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[84B.55] Byung-Hak Hwang, Jang Soo Kim, Jaeseong Oh and Sang-Hoon Yu
On Linearization Coefficients of q-Laguerre Polynomials (12 pp.)
[84B.56] Brendon Rhoades and Andrew Timothy Wilson
Vandermondes, Superspace, and Delta Conjecture Modules (12 pp.)
[84B.57] Brendan Pawlowski, Eric Ramos and Brendon Rhoades
Spanning Configurations and Matroidal Representation Stability (12 pp.)
[84B.58] Arvind Ayyer and Shubham Sinha
Random t-Cores and Hook Lengths in Random Partitions (11 pp.)
[84B.59] Bérénice Delcroix-Oger, Matthieu Josuat-Vergès and Lucas Randazza
Some Properties of the Parking Function Poset (12 pp.)
[84B.60] Jean-Philippe Labbé
Universal oriented Matroids for Subword Complexes of Coxeter Groups (12 pp.)
[84B.61] Darij Grinberg
The Petrie Symmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[84B.62] Graham Hawkes and Travis Scrimshaw
Crystal Structures for Canonical and Dual Weak Symmetric Grothendieck Functions (12 pp.)
[84B.63] Nantel Bergeron, Cesar Ceballos and Josef Küstner
Elliptic and q-Analogs of the Fibonomial Numbers (12 pp.)
[84B.64] Mahir Bilen Can and Yonah Cherniavsky
The Bruhat-Chevalley-Renner Order on the Set Partitions (11 pp.)
[84B.65] Hugh Thomas and Nathan Williams
Independence Posets (12 pp.)
[84B.66] Jean-Christophe Aval, Samuele Giraudo, Théo Karaboghossian and Adrian Tanasa
Graph Insertion Operads (12 pp.)
[84B.67] Viola Siconolfi
Coxeter Groups, Graphs and Ricci Curvature (11 pp.)
[84B.68] Assaf Goldberger and Ilias Kotsireas
Formal Orthogonal Pairs Via Monomial Representations and Cohomology (12 pp.)
[84B.69] Subhajit Ghosh
Cutoff for the Warp-Transpose Top with Random Shuffle (12 pp.)
[84B.70] Sunita Chepuri and Melissa Sherman-Bennett
123, 2143-Avoiding Kazhdan-Lusztig Immanants and k-Positive Matrices (11 pp.)
[84B.71] Angela Carnevale, Michael M. Schein and Christopher Voll
Generalized Igusa Functions and Ideal Growth in Nilpotent Lie Rings (12 pp.)
[84B.72] Rasendrahasina Vonjy and Ravelomanana Vlady
Generating Functions of Some Families of Directed Uniform Hypergraphs (11 pp.)
[84B.73] Federico Castillo, Jeremy L. Martin and José A. Samper
Hopf Monoids of Ordered Simplicial Complexes (12 pp.)
[84B.74] Hugo Mlodecki
Basis of Totally Primitive Elements of WQSym (12 pp.)
[84B.75] Kento Nakada
Order Structure of Shapes of Predominant Integral Weights and Cylindric Young Diagrams (12 pp.)
[84B.76] Hans Höngesberg
On a Fourfold Refined Enumeration of Alternating Sign Trapezoids (12 pp.)
[84B.77] Florian Aigner, Ilse Fischer, Matjaž Konvalinka, Philippe Nadeau, and Vasu Tewari
Alternating Sign Matrices and Totally Symmetric Plane Partitions (12 pp.)
[84B.78] Philippe Nadeau and Vasu Tewari
Divided Symmetrization and Quasisymmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[84B.79] Liam Hanany and Doron Puder
Word Measures on Symmetric Groups (12 pp.)
[84B.80] Karim Adiprasito, Daniel Kalmanovich and Eran Nevo
On the Realization Space of the Cube (12 pp.)
[84B.81] Shoni Gilboa and Erez Lapid
Some Combinatorial Results on Smooth Permutations (10 pp.)
[84B.82] Guillaume Chapuy and Theo Douvropoulos
Coxeter factorizations and the Matrix Tree theorem with generalized Jucys-Murphy weights (12 pp.)
[84B.83] Federico Ardila, Mariel Supina and Andrés R. Vindas-Meléndez
The Equivariant Ehrhart Theory of the Permutahedron (12 pp.)
[84B.84] Jacob A. White
On Cohen-Macaulay Hopf Monoids in Species (12 pp.)
[84B.85] Caroline Klivans and Patrick Liscio
Results in Labeled Chip-Firing (12 pp.)
[84B.86] Joscha Diehl, Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard and Nikolas Tapia
Iterated-Sums Signature, Quasisymmetric Functions and Time Series Analysis (12 pp.)
[84B.87] Lukas Kühne and Geva Yashfe
Undecidability of c-Arrangement Matroid Representations (12 pp.)
[84B.88] Federico Castillo and Fu Liu
On the Todd Class of the Permutohedral Variety (12 pp.)
[84B.89] Helen Jenne
Combinatorics of the Double-Dimer Model (12 pp.)
[84B.90] Sean Griffin
Ordered Set Partitions, Tanisaki Ideals, and Rank Varieties (12 pp.)
[84B.91] Niklas Affolter, Max Glick, Pavlo Pylyavskyy and Sanjay Ramassamy
Vector-Relation Configurations and Plabic Graphs (12 pp.)
[84B.92] Carlos E. Arreche and Nathan F. Williams
Normal Reflection Subgroups (12 pp.)
[84B.93] Alejandro H. Morales and Daniel Zhu
On the Okounkov-Olshanski Formula for Standard Tableaux of Skew Shapes (12 pp.)
[84B.94] Peter Dukes, Ferdinand Ihringer and Nathan Lindzey
On the Algebraic Combinatorics of Injections (12 pp.)
[84B.95] Andrei Asinowski, Cyril Banderier and Valerie Roitner
Generating Functions for Lattice Paths with Several Forbidden Patterns (12 pp.)
[84B.96] Grant T. Barkley and Ricky Ini Liu
Billiards, Channels, and Perfect Matching 2-Divisibility (12 pp.)