I am Willi Kepplinger, a second year PhD student supervised by Vera Vértesi and Michael Eichmair. My PhD project is centered around interactions between (Riemannian) Geometry and Contact Topology.

Apart from Mathematics I enjoy playing soccer, reading, and scuba diving. I won't say no to bouldering or hiking either, so let me know if you are looking for people to join you!


E-Mail: willi.kepplinger@univie.ac.at



Journal articles

  1. Willi Kepplinger, An Algorithm taking Kirby diagrams to trisection diagrams Pacific Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 318 (2022), No. 1, 109–126 (link to journal).


  1. Willi Kepplinger, In Dimension 3 the Beltrami Operator has simple Spectrum along generic 1-Parameter Families of Riemannian metrics, but the Hodge Laplacian does not arxiv