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The WPI Thematic Programs and (Olga Taussky) Pauli fellowships
co-funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science ( bm.bwf "Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung")

Since 2004, the WPI implements “Thematic programs”, in cooperation and with co-funding from the ministry of science, as an activity for fostering internationalization of Austrian research, interdisciplinarity, excellence and gender_mainstreaming in “STEM” (= “MINT” = Mathematics, Informatics, Natural sciences and Technology).

Every “academic year”, from summer - summer, the WPI runs about 6 thematic programs of 12 month duration. Each program is an “umbrella theme” that includes several Austrian groups / excellence projects (ERC, SFB,...) and (Olga Taussky) Pauli fellows.

The programs are the frame to invite short and long term international visitors, and activities like working groups, workshop, summer/winter schools and a few conferences.

A special “thematic program” is dedicated to the “Inst. CNRS Pauli” that organizes long term French visitors who can also co-organize programs and events.

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2023/2024

Thematic programs 2023/2024

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2022/2023

Thematic programs 2022/2023

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2021/2022

Thematic programs 2021/2022

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2020/2021

Thematic programs 2020/2021

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2019/2020

Thematic programs 2019/2020

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2018/2019

Thematic programs 2018/2019

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2017/2018

Thematic programs 2017/2018

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2016/2017

Thematic programs 2016/2017

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2015/2016

Thematic programs 2015/2016

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2014/2015

Thematic programs 2014

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2013/2014

Thematic programs 2013

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2012/2013

Thematic programs 2012

Thematic programs 2012, Prolongation from 2011

Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), fellows 2011/2012

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Thematic programs 2011, Prolongation from 2010

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Thematic programs 2010, Prolongation from 2009

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Thematic programs 2004

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