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WPI Projects

The WPI ist the official legal administration for Austrian and European grant projects, with a total funding of more than 10 Mill. Euro.

  1. European Union
    • BROWSEC (Foundation and Tools for Client-Side Web Security),
      ECR consolidator Grant,
      Coordinator: Matteo Maffei. 2021-2022. 205.000 EUR

    • SKIPPERAD (Simulation of the Kinetics and Inverse Problems for the Protein PolymERization in Amyloid Diseases),
      ECR starting Grant,
      Coordinator: Marie Doumic. 2017-2018. 24.000 EUR

    • NANOFIBER OPTICS (Nanofiber-Based Optical Drag Force and Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics)
      EU Marie Curie Actions (FP7) - International Incoming Fellowships (IIF).
      Coordinator: Pham Le Kien. 2014-2015. 250.000 EUR

    • DEASE "European Doctoral School" in Mathematics : Differential Equations with Applications in Science and Engineering.
      EU Marie Curie (FP6) Early Stage Training multi Site (mEST).
      Coordinator: Norbert Mauser. 2006-2011. 1.600.000 EUR Project website.

    • HYKE-Network (Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations : Asymptotics, Numerics, Analysis).
      EU-Research training network (FP5).
      Coordinator: Norbert Mauser. 2002-2005. 3.000.000 EUR Project website.

    • EVOL- network (Evolution Equations in Mathematical Finance). EU-Research training network with node WPI c/o TU-Wien.
      Node coordinator: Walter Schachermayer. 2002-2006. 180.000 EUR

    • INTAS Project ''Differential Equations and Applications''. EU programme for Cooperation with former Soviet Union.
      Coordinator: Peter Markowich. 2002-2006. 50.000 EUR

    • Partial Differential Equations in Industry and Engineering. EU ALFA-programme for cooperation with Latin America.
      Coordinator: Peter Markowich. 2003-2006. 100.000 EUR Project website.

  2. Bilateral projects
    • French-Austrian ANR-FWF LODIQUAS "LOw DImensional QUantum Systems".
      Coordinator: N.J. Mauser, 2012-2015, 400 000 EUR

  3. National projects

    FFG (Austrian Applied Research Funding)
    • Analysis of Digital Images with PDE methods.
      Coordinator: Peter Markowich. 2005-2009. 100.000 EUR

    FWF (Austrian Science Foundation)
    • Orbits and Vorticity in Quantum Wave Dark Matter:
      Einzelprojekt: Tanja Daller-Rindler. 2023- 2026, 336.000 EUR

    • Adaptive Splitting for Magneto-Hydrodynamics in Astrophysics:
      Einzelprojekt: Othmar Koch. 2022- 2026, 407.000 EUR

    • MAMBO: Mathematical Modelling of Bone Regeneration:
      1000 Ideas Project: Paolo Piovano. 2021- 2023, 142.000 EUR

    • Banach Poisson-Lie groups and integrable systems:
      Einzelprojekt: Alice Barbora Tumpach. 2021-2023. 307.000 EUR

    • Numerical simulation of A-type and white dwarf stars:
      Einzelprojekt: Friedrich Kupka. 2020-2023. 365.000 EUR

    • Unifying structural proof theory via bounded sequent calculi:
      Einzelprojekt: Revantha Ramanayake. 2020-2021. 348.000 EUR

    • New Frontiers for Parameterized Complexity:
      Einzelprojekt: Robert Ganian. 2020-2021. 238.000 EUR

    • Numerics for manybody physics and single-shot images:
      Einzelprojekt: Axel Lode. 2019-2021. 390.000 EUR

    • Efficient numerical models for manybody physics of coldatoms:
      Meitner Projekt : Camille Leveque and Norbert Mauser. 2019-2020. 169.000 EUR

    • Infinite-dimensional groups and spectral problems:
      Einzelprojekt: Yury Neretin. 2019-2020. 317.000 EUR

    • “ROAM - Reduced Order Approaches for Micromagnetics”
      Einzelprojekt: Lukas Exl. 2018-2022. 402.000 EUR

    • “SUMO Scaling Up Quantum Computation with Molecular Spins”
      Quant-ERA : Johannes Majer. 2018-2021. 148.000 EUR

    • “MICROSENS - MICROwave quantum SENSing with diamond color centers”:
      Quant-ERA : Johannes Majer. 2018-2020. 167.000 EUR

    • Variable Dependencies of Quantified Boolean:
      Stefan Szeider. 2017-2018. 347.000 EUR

    • Hyperfinite methods for generalized smooth functions:
      Paolo Giordano. 2017-2021. 400.000 EUR

    • Turbulent Convection and Pulsation Interaction in Stars: Einzelprojekt :
      Friedrich Kupka. 2016-2019. 345.000 EUR

    • Numerics for nonlocal potentials and highly-oscillatory PDEs,
      Schrodinger Stipendium: Yong Zhang 2016-2018. 116.000 EUR

    • Variable Dependencies of Quantified Boolean Formulas:
      Einzelprojekt: Stefan Szeider. 2015-2018. 346.550 EUR.

    • Colombeau Algebras: Structures Theory and Regularity,
      Einzelprojekt: Eduard Nigsch 2014-2019. 337.000 EUR

    • Laser cooling and dynamics of nanofiber-coupled atoms,
      Einzelprojekt: Igor Mazets 2014-2017. 297.000 EUR

    • Complete Global Search Methods for Geometric Optimization Problems:
      Einzelprojekt: Mihaly Markot. 2017. 330.000 EUR

    • Extended group analysis of differential equations
      Einzelprojekt:Roman Popovych. 2013-2018. 250.000 EUR

    • Spektralinvarianten: Index und Nichtkommutatives Residuum:
      Einzelprojekt:: Shantanu Dave. 1.2.2012 - 31.1.2016. 250.000 EUR

    • Mathematical Models and Characterization of BioFETs:
      Einzelprojekt: Clemens Heitzinger. 2009-31.10.2012. 318.000 EUR

    • Classification problems of group analysis:
      Eimzelprojekt: Roman Popovych. 2008-2013. 250 000 EUR

    • Simulation of Advanced Semiconductor Device,
      START: Vassil Palankovski. 01.02.2005 - 31.01.2013. 1.2 MIO EUR

    WWTF (Vienna Science and Technology Fund)
    • SEQUEX (Nonlinear Schroedinger equations: Artificial Absorbing boundaries and low-dimensional quantum models),
      PI Norbert Mauser. 2017-2023. 647.600 EUR

    • Mathematics and Nanosensors. WWTF
      PI Clemens Heitzinger. 2010-2012. 500.000 EUR.

    • How do cells move? Mathematical modelling of cytoskeletal dynamics and cell migration. WWTF
      PI Christian Schmeiser. 2005-2009. 500.000 EUR. Project website.

    • Correlation in quantum systems. WWTF.
      PI Alex Gottlieb. 2007-2011. 446.000 EUR Project website.

    • Schrödinger operators with subperiodic lattice symmetries: applications to quantum wires and STM. WWTF.
      PI: Robert Hammerling. 2007-2011. 375.000 EUR Project website.

    • Ultrafast spectroscopy and time dependent density functional theory. WWTF.
      PI: Norbert Mauser. 2005-2010. 500.000 EUR Project website.

    ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
    • Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation of Field-Effect Nano-Biosensors.
      Jubiläumsfond der Stadt Wien for the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).
      PI Clemens Heitzinger. 2008-2009. 60.000 EUR. Project website.

    • Asymptotische Analysis von hochoszillatorischen Regimen in nichtlinearen quantenmechanischen Systemen. ÖAW APART.
      Christof Sparber. 2005-2008. 150.000 EUR.

    • Nonlinear Schroedinger equations: Artificial Absorbing boundaries and low-dimensional quantum models
      Hans-Peter Stimming 2014 - 2015. 5.000 EUR

    OeAD (Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalisation)
    • Nonlinear Schroedinger equations: Artificial Absorbing boundaries and low-dimensional quantum models,
      Coordinator: Hans-Peter Stimming. 2014-2015. 5.000 EUR

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