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Upcoming events

Workshop "Recent progress on the qualitative properties of nonlinear dispersive equations and systems"

Location: WPI, OMP 1, Seminar Room 08.135
Time: 19. Sep 2016 (Mon) - 24. Sep 2016 (Sat); Opening: 10:00
Jean-Claude Saut (ICP & U.Orsay)
Norbert J. Mauser (WPI c/o U.Wien & ICP)
Remi Carles (CNRS c/o U.Montpellier),

High-Frequency Trading - Curse or Blessing (external website )

Location: Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, SkyLounge, 12th floor
Time: 22. Sep 2016 (Thu) - 23. Sep 2016 (Fri); Opening: 10:00
HFT2016 aims at bringing together some of the world's leading experts on high-frequency trading. The focus will be on a critical analysis as well as the perspectives of this recent development in global financial markets.
U. Wien & WPI
Walter Schachermayer (WPI c/o U. Wien)
Nikolaus Hautsch (WiWi, U. Wien)
Georg Pflug (WiWi, U. Wien)

Events of the past month

Workshop on "Generalized Pauli Constraints and Fermion Correlation"

Location: WPI, OMP1, Seminar Room 08.135
Time: 11. Aug 2016 (Thu) - 13. Aug 2016 (Sat); Opening: 13:15
Alexander Gottlieb (WPI)
Christian Schilling (Oxford)
Remark: Click here for further information

9th Plasma Kinetics Working Group Meeting (external website )

Location: WPI, OMP 1, Seminar Room 08.135
Time: 25. Jul 2016 (Mon) - 5. Aug 2016 (Fri)
Alex Schekochihin (Oxford)
Michael Barnes (Oxford)
Felix Parra (Oxford)
Matt Kunz (Princeton)

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