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with funding from the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research (BM.W_Fa, "Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung")

The Pauli Fellows program intends to bring leading international scientists to Vienna for six months periods. This should strengthen the thematic programs, since Pauli Fellows are expected to participate in their organization.

Pauli Fellows

Avellaneda, Marco Mathematical Finance (2016/2017) local address 
Bardos, Claude Turbulence and Fusion (2016/2017) local address 
Benth, Fred Mathematical Finance (2016/2017) local address 
Kholodnyi, Valery LOCAL , Mathematical Finance (2016/2017) local address 
Levy, Doron Models in Biology and Medicine (2016/2017) local address 
Saut, Jean-Claude Classical and Quantum Transport (2016/2017) local address 
Tsinober, Arkady Turbulence and Fusion (2016/2017) local address 

Olga Taussky Pauli Fellows

Doumic Jauffret, Marie INRIA , Models in Biology and Medicine (2016/2017) local address 
Veraart, Almut Mathematical Finance (2016/2017) local address 

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