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Tournus Magali (╔cole Centrale de Marseille) Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, H÷rsaal 2, ground floor. Thu, 23. Nov 17, 14:15
Scalar conservation laws with heterogeneous flux in the BV framework
We consider a scalar conservation law with a flux containing spatial heterogeneities of bounded variation, where the number of discontinuities may be infinite. We address the question of existence of an adapted entropy solution in the BV framework. A sufficient key condition guaranteeing existence is identified and new BV estimates are given. This provides the most general BV theory available. Moreover, we show with a counter-example that if this hypothesis is violated, the problem may be ill-posed in the BV framework.
  • Thematic program: Models in Biology and Medicine (MOBAM-16) (2016/2017)
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