Download the Optimization Test Environment

The graphical user interface (GUI) of the Optimization Test Environment is programmed in Java, hence JRE 7, Update 11 or later is required to be installed. This is the only prerequisite needed.

Note that a folder that contains user specific files is created: for Windows the folder TestEnvironment in the application data subdirectory of your home directory; for Linux the folder testenvironment in your home directory. We refer to this directory as the working directory twd. All subdirectories of the twd are set as default paths in the Optimization Test Environment configuration which can be modified by the user. The Optimization Test Environment configuration file TestEnvironment.cfg, however, remains in the twd.

The Optimization Test Environment does not include any solver software. Installation of a solver and obtaining a valid license is independent from the Optimization Test Environment and up to the user.

Notes: The software is continuously updated, please report errors to: ferenc DOT domes AT SIGN univie DOT ac DOT at. Enjoy the package!

Download the Optimization Test Environment v1.1
Software Windows Installer 3.7 MB TestEnv.msi
Windows Installer with all Libs and Test Results 101 MB TestEnv_full.msi
Linux Tarball 4.7 MB TestEnv.tar.gz
Linux Tarball with all Libs and Test Results 107 MB TestEnv_full.tar.gz
Supplement Converter ampl2dag (needs AMPL) 48  KB
Documentation Tutorial 428 KB TestEnvQuick.pdf
The Optimization Test Environment Paper 679 KB TestEnvManual.pdf


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Scripts and Results