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Faculty and PostdocsPhD StudentsVisiting ScholarsMasters/Bachelor Theses
Univ. Prof. Goulnara Arzhantseva
Assoz. Prof. Dietrich Burde (Algebra and Arithmetic)
Arindam Biswas
Christopher Cashen
Martin Finn-Sell
Wolfgang Moens (Algebra and Arithmetic)
Christof Ender (Algebra and Arithmetic)
Manuel Urbina Moreano
Matteo Cavaleri
Anthony Genevois
Jing Tao
Leonhard Katzlinger (M)
Alexander Mikosch (M)

Former Members

Bernhard Krön (Combinatorics)
Michal Ferov
Swiatoslaw R. Gal
François Guéritaud
Martino Lupini
Alexandre Martin
Andrei Minchenko (Algebra and Arithmetic)
Damian Osajda
Liviu Paunescu
Thibault Pillon
Luis Manuel Rivera Martinez
Ján Špakula
Adam Timar
JiaWen Zhang
Federico Berlai
Markus Steenbock
Dominik Gruber
Matteo Cavaleri
Stefania Ebli
Michal Ferov
Jakub Gismatullin
Neha Gupta
Mark Hagen
David Hume
Adrien Le Boudec
Liviu Paunescu
Simone Virili
Stefania Ebli (Erasmus, M)
Stefan Frank (B)
Leonhard Katzlinger (B)
Roger Gomez Ortells (M)
Constantin Mathias (Erasmus)
Juan Robalino (B)
Manuel Urbina Moreano (M)
Rudolf Zeidler (M)

Research Seminar

"Geometry and Analysis on Groups" Seminar


Current semester: "Topics in Algebra: Cryptography

Previous semesters:
"Diskrete Mathematik"
"Representation Theory of Groups 2017"
"Representation Theory of Groups" 2016.
Gruppentheorie 2016,
"Representation Theory of Groups" 2015,
Gruppentheorie 2015 ,
Gruppentheorie 2014,
The course "Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory"(2010-2015).

Conferences/schools/workshops (co-)organized by the GAGT group



Group Actions and Cohomology in Non-Positive Curvature, June 19 – 23, 2017, INI, Cambridge, UK
Geometry and Randomness in Group Theory, May 15 – 26, 2017, IAS, Princeton, USA
Approximation, deformation, quasification, May 08 – 12, 2017, INI, Cambridge, UK
Young Geometric Group Theory Meeting VI, March 20 – 24, 2017, Mathematical Institute, Oxford, UK
Non-Positive Curvature in Action, January 09 – 13, 2017, INI, Cambridge, UK
Non-Positive Curvature Group Actions and Cohomology, January 03 – June 23, 2017, INI, Cambridge, UK
Amenability, coarse embeddability and fixed point properties, December 06 – 09, 2016, MSRI, Berkeley, USA
Boundaries of groups and representations, 22-24 February 2016, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Measured Group Theory, 18 January - 18 March 2016, ESI, Vienna, Austria (homepage)
Geometry of computation in groups , 31 March - 13 April 2014, ESI, Vienna, Austria
3rd Young Geometric Group Theory Meeting, 20-24 January 2014, CIRM, Luminy, France
ESI Anniversary
LaWiNe research group
Word maps and stability of representations
Infinite monster groups, ESI program / workshop, December 12 - 21, 2011, Vienna, Austria
Geometric Group Theory, Bedlewo, Poland
Finite dimensional approximations of discrete groups, 2011, Oberwolfach, Germany.



2018-2021 Austrian Science Fund (FWF): J-4194, Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship of Federico Berlai.
2018 Ernst Mach Fellowship of Anthony Genevois.
2018-2019 Ernst Mach Fellowship of Matteo Cavaleri.
2017-2021 Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 30842 grant of Wolfgang Moens.
2017-2020 Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 30487 grant of Christopher Cashen.
2016 Doc.Award of the University of Vienna and the City of Vienna of Markus Steenbock (outstanding Doctoral dissertation).
2016 Erwin Wenzl Prize of Dominik Gruber.
2016 Student Prize of the Austrian Mathematical Society of Dominik Gruber.
2016 "Promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis rei publicae" of Dominik Gruber. (press release)
2015 Doc.Award of the University of Vienna and the City of Vienna of Dominik Gruber (outstanding Doctoral dissertation).
2015 University of Vienna Finishing Grant (Abschlussstipendium der Universität Wien) of Dominik Gruber.
2015-2017 Austrian Science Fund (FWF):M 1810, Lise Meitner Fellowship of Alexandre Martin.
2014-2016 Austrian Science Fund (FWF):M 1717, Lise Meitner Fellowship of Christopher Cashen.
2013-2015 DOC Fellowship 24024 of the Austrian Academy of Sciences of Markus Steenbock.
2013 Würdigungspreis of the Federal Ministry for Science and Research of Rudolph Zeidler (outstanding Master's thesis).
2013 University of Vienna Research Grant (Forschungstipendium der Universität Wien) of Markus Steenbock.
2013-2016 Austrian Science Fund (FWF): J-3371, Erwin Schrödinger Fellowship of Wolfgang Moens.
2011-2016 European Research Council (ERC) grant of Goulnara Arzhantseva, "ANALYTIC" grant agreement n°259527.


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