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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Radu Ioan Boţ

Address: Faculty of Mathematics
University of Vienna
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
1090 Vienna
Site: OMP1
Phone:+43 1 4277 50772
Fax:+43 1 4277 850772
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24 June - 1 July 2019:The 71st Workshop ADVANCES IN NONSMOOTH ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION (directors: A. Barbagallo, R.I. Boţ and C. Sagastizabal) of the International School of Mathematics G. Stampacchia will take place in Erice, Italy.
9-11 April 2019:The Workshop Games, Dynamics and Optimization 2019 (GDO2019) (organizers: R.I. Boţ, Mathias Staudigl and Adrian Petruşel) will take place at the Babeş-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
21 March 2019: Radu Ioan Boţ gives the invited lecture Four (plus one) open questions about the minimization of structured nonsmooth and nonconvex functions at the 2nd Workshop on "Operator Splitting Methods in Data Analysis" organized at the Flatiron Institute, New York, USA.
20 February 2018: Radu Ioan Boţ serves as PhD thesis reviewer and member of the PhD Committee of Lilian Glaudin at the Sorbonne Université Paris.
8 February 2019: The paper A proximal minimization algorithm for structured nonconvex and nonsmooth problems (authors: R.I. Boţ, E.R. Csetnek and D.-K. Nguyen) is accepted for publication in SIAM Journal on Optimization.
28 January - 8 March 2019:The Thematic Programme Modern Maximal Monotone Operator Theory: From Nonsmooth Optimization to Differential Inclusions takes place at the Erwin Schrödinger Institute for Mathematics and Pyhsics (ESI) Vienna.
17-19 December 2018:The Workshop Vienna Workshop of Computational Optimization 2018 (VWCO18) takes place at the University of Vienna.
Radu Ioan Boţ
Faculty of Mathematics
University of Vienna
Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1
1090 Vienna
T: +43-1-4277-50772
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