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21-24 March 2023: Prof. Dr. Guoyin Li from University of New South Wales Sydney visits the Research Group on Applied Mathematics with Emphasis on Optimization.
20 March 2023: Vienna School of Mathematics announces 4 open PhD positions at University of Vienna. One of the proposed PhD projects is in the area of Fast Continuous Time Dynamics for Monotone Inclusions.
15-17 March 2023: The Second Vienna Workshop on Computational Optimization 2023 (VWCO23) takes place at the University of Vienna.
24 February 2023: Michael Sedlmayer successfully defends his dissertation Convergence Rate Analysis of Optimisation and Minimax Algorithms for Machine Learning.
12 February 2023: The paper Alternating proximal-gradient steps for (stochastic) nonconvex-concave minimax problems (authors: R.I. Boţ and A. Böhm) is accepted for publication in SIAM Journal on Optimization.
16 January 2023: Chunxiang Zong from Lanzhou University starts her one-year research stay in the Research Group on Applied Mathematics with Emphasis on Optimization at the University of Vienna. The research stay is funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council.
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