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Address: Faculty of Mathematics
University of Vienna
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Site: OMP1
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25 November 2020: Radu Boţ speaks in the BILDUNG magazine of FALTER about the progress registered in the representation of women at the Faculty of Mathematics.
21 November 2020: Radu Boţ gives an interview to Radio România Internaţional.
16 November 2020: The Climate and Energy Fund and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) approve the research proposal Smart operation of wind turbines under icing conditions, which is a joint project of the Research Group on Applied Mathematics with Emphasis on Optimization, VERBUND Green Power GmbH, METEOTEST AG and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH.
11 November 2020: The paper A forward-backward dynamical approach for nonsmooth problems with block structure coupled by a smooth function (authors: R.I. Boţ and L. Kanzler) is accepted for publication in Applied Mathematics and Computation.
30 October 2020:Axel Böhm successfully defends his dissertation Quantitative Convergence Estimates of Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Optimization and Minimax Problems.
24 October 2020: Mikhail Karapetyants joins the Research Group on Applied Mathematics with Emphasis on Optimization as a PhD student of the Vienna Graduate School on Computational Optimization.
2 October 2020: The paper Variable smoothing for convex optimization problems using stochastic gradients (authors: R.I. Boţ and A. Böhm) is accepted for publication in Journal of Scientific Computing.
1 October 2020: Radu Ioan Boţ takes over the position as Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna.
27 July 2020: The paper A primal-dual dynamical approach to structured convex minimization problems (authors: R.I. Boţ, E.R. Csetnek and S.C. László) is accepted for publication in Journal of Differential Equations.
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