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19-21 February 2020: The 1st Workshop of the Research Group on ”Applied Mathematics with Emphasis on Optimization” takes place at the Hotel Tulbinger Kogel.
19 February 2020: Dennis Meier successfully defends his dissertation Improving the Convergence Behaviour of Splitting Algorithms for Monotone Inclusions in Hilbert Spaces: From Weak to Strong Convergence.
15 January 2020: The call for applications for a PhD positon in the Research Group for Applied Mathematics and Optimization starts. The successful candidate will become member of the Vienna School of Mathematics and is expected to actively contribute to its activities. Applications have to be sent via the Job Center of the University of Vienna at the Reference number 1043.
6-8 January 2020:The IFIP Workshop on "Inverse Problems, Imaging, and Optimization" (organizers: R.I. Boţ, Christian Clason, Antonin Chambolle and Barbara Kaltenbacher) takes place in Essen, Germany.
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