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Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), UMI 2842 du CNRS à Vienne (deutsche Beschreibung)


April 2022: The Pauli Ukraine Project: Help for scientists who stay in Ukraine
See also the article in "Science" on this and other projects.
14 March 2022: PI day at PI, 2022 edition
In times of Corona crisis and Ukraine catastrophe
21 November 2021: Appell zu sinnvollen Covid Maßnahmen
Persönlicher Brief von Top-Wissenschaftlern an Bundeskanzler Schallenberg.
14 March 2021: PI-Day at PI
"same procedure as last year"...
Video with statements of the same 7 international friends from Quarteroni to Bardos.
Video in HD quality.
9 November 2020: Memorandum zur Lage und Argumente zur nötigen Verschärfung der Maßnahmen.
8 November 2020: Aussendung von 4 Wittgensteinpreisträgern betreffs sofortiger Verschärfung der Maßnahmen - Schulen schließen!
16 April 2020: Update: Stellungnahme von WPI Direktor Mauser zum science.apa Artikel "Covid-19 - Streit hinter den Kulissen"
12 April 2020: Update: Memorandum betreffs "Lockerung der Maßnahmen".
7 April 2020: Update: WPI prognosis and comparison until 7 April confirms that Austria lockdown works "better" than Wuhan lockdown;
New diagrams including Italy, Spain and France,
death rates and quantification of correlation in the time series.
5 April 2020: Update: "Fallzahlen und Sterberate in Österreich deutlich unter Wuhan Kurve,
Maßnahmen erfolgreich, Adaptionen sinnvoll."
deutsche Version
3 April 2020: Update : "WPI prediction stays very accurate.
a new peak cannot be excluded if "relaxing the lockdown" does not keep strict rules such as "masks-distance".
1 April 2020: "The Austrian Corona test sample - chasing the dark figure":
Puls4 Television Talk with WPI Director Mauser.
31 March 2020: update: the prediction of the WPI Analog Computer Modell acurately corresponds to the data 9 days afterwards.
The estimate of the maximum is 1160 while the observation is 1141.
30 March 2020: Bundeskanzler Kurz ordnet Maskenpflicht und Soziale Distanz an.
28 March 2020: WPI kämpft für bessere Massnahmen: Maskenpflicht und Soziale Distanz!
Article in APA Science
WPI full members Nägerl, Markowich, Mauser und Schmiedmayer.
27 March 2020: Öffentlicher Aufruf zur Maskenpflicht auch in Österreich
WPI full member Christoph Nägerl.
26 March 2020: WPI "Analog Computer Model": "rescaling-shifting & a bit of fitting".
A "data driven" approach to ensure relevant conclusions from the existing data in China and Italy based on one assumption: the "lockdown" in Austria is as efficient as in China.
25 March 2020: WPI Aussendung zur Lage der Corona Massnahmen in Österreich - GroßGlocknerKurve
WPI Direktor Mauser.
"Ich selber habe mich nicht gescheut, meine Überzeugung bei jeder sich darbeitenden Gelegenheit offen auszusprechen, wie ich es für meine Pflicht
" (Albert Einstein 1950)
March 2020: The Pauli Corona Project
WPI is part of a global effort of Computational Scientists to fight the Corona virus.
Several centers like LJLL in Paris, INS in Shanghai, WPI in Vienna coordinate their efforts in "Applied Mathematics-Modelling Computer Science including DataScience, Statistics, MachineLearning, ...".
More details soon.
14 March 2020: Thumb times PI: PI-day @ WPI
The full video and the PI lecture only in better quality.
More news...


Call for Thematic Programs 2020/21
Call for Olga Taussky Pauli Fellowships
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