VO 250082 Dynamical systems and nonlinear differential equations

Lecturer: Prof. Henk Bruin

Email H. Bruin for further information for this course.

Proseminar by: Dr. Henna Koivusalo


First class on March 5

March 12 is canceled due to Rector's Day.
Easter Break is from March 26 to April 6.
Whit Monday is on May 21.


Day Time Room fromuntil
Monday 9:45--11:15 HS02 Lecture05.3.201825.06.2018
Wednesday 13:15-14:00 HS02 Lecture7.3.201827.06.2018
Wednesday 14:15-15:00HS02
Henna Koivusalo

Exercise Schedule

The proseminar will be every other Wednesday (so one hour proseminar and one hour lecture are swapped). The exercises are taken from here and regularly updated.

Day Exercises
March 21 1-5
April 18 6-10
May 2 9,10,12,13,11
May 16 22,16,17,18
May 30 23,20,21,25
June 6 26,27,28
June 20 29,32,31

Contents of the course

Basic notions for continuous and discrete dynamical systems; flows, attractors, and chaos; stability of stationary points by linearization and by Lyapunov functions, Poincaré-Bendixson theory, bifurcations.

The course will be given in English

Contents of the course (S = Schmeiser's notes, T = Teschl's book), St = Strogatz lecture on youtube.

References/Background Reading


Will be based on an oral exam (in English by default, aber auf Deutsch ist auch möglich).

Exam Material:

Course material (Hand-outs)

Updated April 2018