model.hpp File Reference

#include <api_exception.h>

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class  coco::model::model::sort_constraints
class  coco::model::model::simplify_visitor_0
class  coco::model::model::simplify_visitor_m
struct  coco::model::model::__docompare_nodes
struct  coco::model::model::__docompare_variables
struct  coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor_st
class  coco::model::model::detect_0chain_visitor
struct  coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_ret
struct  coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor_st
class  coco::model::model::lincoeff_visitor


namespace  coco
 the main namespace of the COCONUT API


#define delnodes_insert(N)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_CONST   1
#define SIMPLIFY_0_CONST_IS_INTEGER   (1<<24)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_CONST_IS_EQUATION   (1<<25)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_VAR   (1<<1)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_SUM   (1<<2)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_SUM_IS_SIMPLE   (1<<24)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_PROD   (1<<3)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_PROD_IS_SIMPLE   (1<<24)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_GHOST   (1<<31)
#define SIMPLIFY_0_SKIP_THIS_NODE   (1<<30)

Detailed Description

Definition in file model.hpp.

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#define delnodes_insert (  ) 


do {\
  std::vector<unsigned int>::iterator __x = \
    lower_bound((*delnodes).begin(), (*delnodes).end(), (unsigned int)(N)); \
    if(__x == (*delnodes).end() || *__x != (unsigned int)(N)) \
      (*delnodes).insert(__x, (unsigned int)(N)); \
  } while(0)

Definition at line 35 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_CONST_IS_EQUATION   (1<<25)

Definition at line 698 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_CONST_IS_INTEGER   (1<<24)

Definition at line 697 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_CONST   1

Definition at line 696 of file model.hpp.


Definition at line 709 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_GHOST   (1<<31)

Definition at line 711 of file model.hpp.


Definition at line 708 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_PROD   (1<<3)

Definition at line 705 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_SUM   (1<<2)

Definition at line 702 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_IS_VAR   (1<<1)

Definition at line 700 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_PROD_IS_SIMPLE   (1<<24)

Definition at line 706 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_SKIP_THIS_NODE   (1<<30)

Definition at line 713 of file model.hpp.

#define SIMPLIFY_0_SUM_IS_SIMPLE   (1<<24)

Definition at line 703 of file model.hpp.

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