Mathematical education (papers of Yuri A Neretin)

Abrakadabritsa (Russian Latin)

This collection of texts contains a semi-popular paper on mathematical statistics, a collection of problems in analysis; the remaining texts are technological notes concerning modern crisis of education; all the texts are in Russian;

  • Unified State Examinations in Russia: evolution and influence

  • Why variants of unified state examination in Russia are nonsatisfactory? Part 1
  • Why variants of unified state examination in Russia are nonsatisfactory? Part 2
  • First bilnd-alley high-way
  • On discussions about "future of Russian Mathematics".

  • Incredible coincidences and Morozov--Fomenko problem on folds of history

    Published in "Matematicheskoe obrazovenie", 2002, number 3.

      This is a paper on Mathematical Statistics for students. I discuss the following problem. Let we observe some collection of coincidences that looks like incredible. Can we deduce from them some definite consequences?

      There were many waves of quasi-scientific speculations related to such problems (as numerical mysteries around Egypt pyramids, dependences of universal physical constants, "parallelisms" in Babilonian history etc.) I discuss this problem basing on example of Morozov--Fomenko new chronology This is an elementary mathematical (non-polemic) paper.

      I hope that 'new chronology' is not interesting outside Russia. For this reason the paper is not translated to English. General comments on this story are on Gorodetski cite.
    • Sad story of new chronology (My private reminiscences about evolution of common opinion).

  • Problems in mathematical analysis, MIEM, 1997
  • Addition, 2000

  • Mathematics of entrance examinations, Also, .pdf

  • Unattractive image of mathematics

    Note for a meeting of Sankt-Peterburg Mathematical society (2001)

      On some reasons of anti-mathematical reaction of modern society

  • Snow-ball technology in education

  • Russian education. 2005