Miscelaneous texts in Russian, English, Italian, German, Ukrainian.
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1. Luzin Nikolay Nikolaevich and Moscow mathematics 1914-1936

  • Nikolay Luzin, his students, adversaries, and defenders (notes on the history of Moscow mathematics, 1914-1936) (English, Russian)
    book variant: The time of Luzin. The born of Moscow mathematical school. Soviet mathematics in the context of social upheavals of 1920-30s. (Russian)

  • Various documents and recollections on Moscow mathematics, 1914-1936

  • My old notes on Luzin affairs

    2. Some my texts on the history of mathematics and simply history

  • Esenin-Volpin and termnation of the Golden age of Moscow mathematics (Russian)

  • Smurov Mikhail Vasil'evich (Смуров Михаил Васильевич, Russian)

  • On Brezhnev's speach 19.10.1971 (Russian)

  • Notes on the history the Kolmogorov reform of mathematics in schools. (Russian)

  • The second coming of Kiselev (resolutional saga)

  • Folcklore of settlement Gormost (period 1930-1953) (Russian)

  • Digital techique of Mark Solonin and Nikolay Savchenko (Russian)

  • On the problem of veracity of nonfiction of Svetlana Alexievich (Russian)

  • Numerology of Kiev Russia Review of the book A.P.Tolochko "Essays of initial Russia" (Russian)

  • On biological battles, 1948 (Russian)

  • Moscow panic 14-19 Octiber 1941 and fate of Nikolay Vavilov (Russian)

  • Ernest Shackleton in the Russian North (Russian)

  • The time of life-guardsmans. The speech of the leader of Moscow communists in Duma, 16.02.2021 (and my comments to it) (Russian)

  • Battle on Modyugski island 01.08.1918 and White-sea geomorphology 1 , 2 , 3 , 4, 5 (Russian)

    3. Vladimir Golubev

    Miscelaneous publications about Vladimir Golubev

    4. Documents on biological battles, 1930s

    Scanned documents are here

    Theodosius Dobzhansky The Birth of the Genetic Theory of Evolution in the Soviet Union in the 1920s (English), 1980

    5. Some texts (mainly historical)

  • Black October. Some Scans from the newspaper 'Moskovskij Komsomolets', September - November 1993

  • Nikolay Luzin Euler (1707-1783), published in 1933 (Russian)

  • Bertrand Russell and struggle for peace (several scanned pages, English) and Russian translation of several sentences

  • Songs of Vladimir Maiorov (Владимир Майоров) Songs Content

  • A paper in 'Pravda' againist Nikolay Koltsov, 11.01.1939 (Russian)

  • Several scanned pages from newspaper 'Pravda', end 1938-beginning 1939

  • Hymn of Rosrybolovstvo (Russian)

  • Giuseppe Battaglini 'Sulla geometria imaginaria di Lobatschewsky' (Italian), Giornale di Matematica, Napoli 5 (1867), 217–231.

  • Arch Getty 'State and society under Stalin: Consitution and elections in 1930s' (English)

  • Self-teacher on pedagogics, Brokhaus, Efron, 1902 (Russian)

  • Luca della Robia. Euclide e Pitagora o la Geometria e l'Aritmetica

  • Alexandrov P.S. The vocation of scientist., Nauka i zhizn, 1974, 8, 2-9 (Russian). There exists a Spanish translation in Rev. Integr. Temas Mat. 3 (1985), no. 2, 5–19.


    Evidence of Stephan Banach, 1945 (Ukrainian)

    Leray in EdelbachA. M. Sigmund, P. Michor, K. Sigmund (English)

    Recollections of Vadim Efremovich (Russian)

    Recollections of Igor Shafarevich (Russian)

    Lecture of Vladimir Rohlin "Teaching of mathematics for non-mathematicans", 1981 (Лекция В.Рохлина "О преподавании математики для нематематиков", Russian)

    Recollections about Dmitry Zhelobenko (Russian)

    Kolyagin Yu.M., Savvina O.A. Rebel of Russian ministry and mathematical branch of Soviet Academy (Materials on reform of school education 1960-1970.) - Elets, 2012.

    Recollections about Alexander Aleksandrov (Воспоминания об А.Д.Александрове, Russian)

    Krulikovsky N.N. On development of mathematics in Tomsk Tomsk State University, 2006. In particular, the book contains biographical data of Theodor Molien and Vladimir Alexeevsky (Alexeiewsky)

    Bychkov V.P. Wera Myller-Lebedeff, Matematika v shkole, 1980, 5 (Russian)

    Kutateladze S.S. Luzin's causa (Russian) , (English translation)

    Papers of Lyusternik about Russian mathematics of 1920-30s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (access to Russian papers is open, link to English papers works if you have access to RMS)

    Last speech of professor of Moscow University Vladimir Vasilievich Golubev in ocassion of his 70s birthady 3 December 1954 Bulletin of Moscow University, 1955, N2, c.143-158 (Russian) More about Golubev

    Notes of B.S.Kuzin on Moscow State University of 1920s

    Gnedenko B.V. Alexandr Yakovlevich Khinchin

    Georg Kriesel. Comments on Zinoviev's paper. (English) Logique et analyse, Vol 22, No 87 (1979), 263-264.

    History of controversy o 'The Tale of Igor's Campaign'. Materials of the discussion of 1960s. Editor L.V.Sokolova, Sr.-Petersburg, Pushkin house, 2010.

    A non-solved problem

    Collection of papers on algebraic topology, ed. М.М.Postnikov, Moscow, 1960 (English, German)

    Alexander Yakovlev Against anti-historism «Literaturnaya gazeta», 15 November 1972 г. (an early document of Russian liberalism)

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