Here there are papers about outstanding Russian mathematicans, Dmitry Petrovich Zhelobenko (Дмитрий Петрович Желобенко) and Felix Aleksandrovich Berezin (Феликс Александрович Березин)

Yu. A. Neretin, S. M. Khoroshkin
"Mathematical researches of D. P. Zhelobenko"

This is a brief overview of researches of Dmitry Petrovich Zhelobenko (1934--2006). He is the best known for his book "Compact Lie groups and their representations" and for the classification of all irreducible representations of complex semisimple Lie groups. We tell also on other his works, especially on the spectral analysis of representations.

Russian Math. Surveys, 2009, 1

Russian version
English version

MCCME publishers is preparing the edition of Zhelobenko's book "Gaussian algebras" including also
--- "human biography" of Zhelobenko by M.S.Al-Nator, I.V.Goldes, A.S.Kazarov, Knyazev, and V.R.Nigmatullin
--- recollections by Grigory L. Litvinov
--- recollections by Vladimir F. Molchanov

Yu.A. Neretin
"Method of second quantization" of Berezin. View 40 years after

This is a paper about the book, its results, origin and influence.

There is also a French version, translated by Claude Roger with Olga Kravchenko, Dmitry Millionshchikov> and Aleksandr Kosyak.
Published in "Recollections about Felix Aleksandovich Berezin, discoverer of supersymmetries",
Moscow, MCCME publishers, 2008
Russian content of the book
List of contributors of the book(English)

A. Karabegov, Yu. Neretin. Th.Voronov. Felix Alexandrovich Berezin and his works,

Two papers about R.S.Ismagilov in ocassion of his 75 birthday

The paper about V.F.Molchanov in ocassion of his 75 birthday ( English version)

The paper about G.I.Olshanski in his 70 birthday

Nikolay Konstantinov and Konstatinov system

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