Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire

Issue 54A

17th International Conference on ``Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics" and GarsiaFest, June 20-25, 2005, Taormina, Sicily


Regular papers

[B54Aa] Sylvie Corteel, Sunyoung Lee and Carla D. Savage
Enumeration of Sequences Constrained by the Ratio of Consecutive Parts (12 pp.)
[B54Ab] Alexander Burstein and Isaiah Lankham
Combinatorics of Patience Sorting Piles (19 pp.)
[B54Ac] Fanja Rakotondrajao
Magic Squares, Rook Polynomials and Permutations (12 pp.)
[B54Ad] Ronald C. King, Christophe Tollu and Frédéric Toumazet
The Hive Model and the Polynomial Nature of Stretched Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients (19 pp.)
[B54Ae] Fred Butler
Symmetry and Unimodality in the q,x,y-Hit Numbers (11 pp.)
[B54Af] Cristina M. Ballantine and Rosa C. Orellana
A Combinatorial Interpretation for the Coefficients in the Kronecker Product s(n-p,p)*s\lambda (29 pp.)
[B54Ag] Christine Bessenrodt (Expository Paper)
Algebra Invariants for Finite Directed Graphs with Relations (11 pp.)
[B54Ah] Ronald C. King, Christophe Tollu and Frédéric Toumazet
The Hive Model and the Factorisation of Kostka Coefficients (22 pp.)
[B54Ai] Thomas Lam and Mark Shimozono
A Little Bijection for Affine Stanley Symmetric Functions (12 pp.)
[B54Aj] Federico Ardila, Victor Reiner and Lauren Williams
Bergman Complexes, Coxeter Arrangements, and Graph Associahedra (25 pp.)
[B54Ak] Manuel Bodirsky, Clemens Gröpl, Daniel Johannsen and Mihyun Kang
A Direct Decomposition of 3-Connected Planar Graphs (15 pp.)
[B54Al] Éric Fusy
Counting Unrooted Maps Using Tree-Decomposition (44 pp.)
[B54Am] Gérard H. E. Duchamp, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Karol A. Penson and Christophe Tollu
Free Quasi-Symmetric Functions, Product Actions and Quantum Field Theory of Partitions (12 pp.)
[B54An] Vladimir I. Danilov and Gleb A. Koshevoy
The Octahedron Recurrence and RSK-Correspondence (16 pp.)

Papers dedicated to Adriano Garsia

[B54Ao] Jim Haglund
The Genesis of the Macdonald Polynomial Statistic (16 pp.)
[B54Ap] Jason P. Bell
A Generalization of Cobham's Theorem for Regular Sequences (15 pp.)
[B54Aq] Jean-Christophe Aval, François Bergeron and Nantel Bergeron
Diagonal Temperley-Lieb Invariants and Harmonics (19 pp.)
[B54Ar] François Descouens and Alain Lascoux
Non-Symmetric Hall-Littlewood Polynomials (14 pp.)
[B54As] Jeffrey Remmel
The Combinatorics of Macdonald's Dn1 Operator (55 pp.)
[B54At] Anthony Mendes and Jeffrey Remmel
Generating Functions for Statistics on Ck wreath Sn (40 pp.)