Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B77pref (2014), 1 p.

Christian Krattenthaler


The 77th Meeting of the Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire took place from September 11 to 14, 2016, in the Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung in Strobl (Austria). This was the fifth time that the Séminaire was held here.

The main lectures were given by Christos Athanasiadis (Athens) and Kilian Raschel (Tours). Christos Athanasiadis offered us a fascinating tour through various areas where "gamma-non-negativity" occurs, a concept which implies unimodality of coefficients of polynomials. Kilian Raschel, on the other hand, provided us a survey of the exciting new developments in the theory of discrete random walks made possible by the use of analytical and probabilistic tools.

The contributed talks (see the detailed list below) covered various topics, ranging from tableau combinatorics, representation theory, symmetric functions, matroid theory, orbit Dirichlet series, "permutrees", to the asymptotic analysis of lattice paths.

Weather was simply fantastic. Obviously, the lunch breaks were intensively used for swimming in the Wolfgangsee, and for hikes and excursions in the area. The typical "Lotharingien spirit" was (again) very much present during the meeting: intensive exchange of ideas in a family-like atmosphere.

Contributed talks:

Olga AZENHAS: A refinement of switching on ballot tableau pairs

Eli BAGNO: Block decomposition of permutations and Schur positivity

Gaurav BHATNAGAR: A new proof of a q-continued fraction evaluation of Ramanujan

Judith BRAUNSTEINER: A Sundaram type bijection for SO(3): a bijection between vacillating tableaux and pairs of SYTs and LR-tableaux

Angela CARNEVALE: Orbit Dirichlet series and multiset permutations

Emma Yu JIN: Outside nested decompositions of skew diagrams and Schur function determinants

Matthias LENZ: A convolution formula for Tutte polynomials of arithmetic matroids and other combinatorial structures

Hoang Ngoc MINH: Double regularization of polyzetas at negative multi-indices and polylogarithmic trans-series

Soichi OKADA: Pieri rules and oscillating tableaux

Viviane PONS: Permutrees

Robin SULZGRUBER: On a refinement of the skew length statistic on simultaneous core partitions

Michael WALLNER: Lattice paths with catastrophes

Chen WANG: Counting homomorphisms into general linear groups

List of Participants: