Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, B80pref (2018), 1 p.

Riccardo Biagioli and Frédéric Jouhet


The 80th Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire was held from March 25 to 28, 2018, at the Institut Camille Jordan, Université Lyon1, Lyon, France.

The main speakers of this session were:

Boris Adamczewski (CNRS - Université Claude Bernard Lyon-I, France)
Stéphane Gaussent (Université Jean Monnet Saint Étienne, France).

They gave, respectively, three lectures on the topics "Diagonals of Rational Functions" and "On Some Iwahori-Hecke Algebras Associated to Kac-Moody Groups". There were also many contributed talks (see the detailed list below) which covered various topics, ranging from permutations, representation theory, symmetric functions, continued fractions, alternating sign matrices, to operads. As usual in the spirit of the SLC, the participants also had time during the many coffee breaks and meals taken all together to have scientific discussions and share ideas.

We would like to thank the Institut Camille Jordan, the Labex Milyon, and the University of Vienna for their financial support.

Contributed talks:

Christine BESSENRODT: Character restrictions and hook removal operators on the odd Young graph

Alin BOSTAN: Algebraic power series mod p: fast computation of coefficients

Mathilde BOUVEL: First-order logic for permutations

Valentin FÉRAY: Random permutation factorizations

Thomas GERBER: Regular multipartitions and representation theory

Sebastian KÖNIG: The decomposition of 0-Hecke modules associated to quasisymmetric Schur functions

Alexander MILLER: Orthogonal polynomials and Smith normal form

Bérénice DELCROIX-OGER: Hypergraph polytopes and operads

Soichi OKADA: Skew hook formula for d-complete posets

Raúl PENAGUIÃO: Chromatic symmetric function on graphs and polytopes

Mathias PÉTRÉOLLE: Branching continued fractions

Vincent PILAUD: Quotientopes

Sanjay RAMASSAMY: Extensions of partial cyclic orders and multidimensional boustrophedons

Manjil SAIKIA: Refined enumeration of alternating sign matrices

Alan SOKAL: Coefficientwise Hankel-total positivity

List of Participants: