Talks of Henk Bruin

Here is a list of post-script and/or pdf files used for talks of mine.

  1. Dynamics of some Interval Translation Maps [.ps]
  2. Monotonicity of topologocal entropy in polynomial families of maps. [.ps] [.pdf]
  3. Monotonicity of entropy for multimodal polynomials. [.ps] [.pdf]
  4. Markov extensions, inducing and Lyapunov exponents of measures [.ps] [.pdf]
  5. Arc-ray subcontinua for unimodal inverse limit spaces. [.ps] [.pdf]
  6. Asymptotic arc-components in unimodal inverse limit spaces. [.ps] [.pdf]
  7. Subcontinua in unimodal inverse limit spaces. [.ps]
  8. Paper on Hubbard Trees with Dierk Schleicher. [.ps]
  9. Book with Karen Brucks. [.ps]
  10. Multiple equilibrium states for unimodal maps [.ps] [.pdf]
  11. σ-invariant measures for interval maps [.ps] [.pdf]
  12. Li-Yorke chaos for interval maps. [.pdf]
  13. Equilibrium states for non-Collet-Eckmann multimodal maps. [.ps] [.pdf]
  14. Properties of Fibonacci-like Inverse Limit Spaces. [.ps] [.pdf]
  15. Piecewise contractions are asymptotically periodic. [.ps] [.pdf]
  16. Hubbard trees and symbolic dynamics for quadratic polynomials. [.ps] [.pdf]
  17. Book on Hubbard Trees with Dierk Schleicher and Alex Kaffl. [.ps]
  18. Notes of the reading group Autumn 2008 on stable laws. [.pdf]
  19. On Ingram's Conjecture. [.pdf]
  20. The one-sided Bernoulli property for one-dimensional dynamical systems [.pdf]
  21. Thermodynamic formalism for dissipative interval maps [.pdf]
  22. Hausdorff dimension of biaccessible angles of quadratic Julia sets and of the Mandelbrot set [.pdf]
  23. That monotonous thing called entropy [.pdf] and figure file: [.pdf]
  24. Ergodic considerations on Selmer's continued fraction algorithm in higher dimensions [.pdf] and [.ps].
  25. Inverse limits of interval maps: to apply and classify. [.pdf].
  26. Dynamics of Selmer's continued fraction algorithm [.pdf].
  27. Self-repairing discontinuities for interval maps [.pdf].
  28. Matching for discontinuous interval maps. [.pdf].
  29. On the shape of isentropes for interval maps [.pdf].
  30. About pseudo-Markov interval maps, entropy and pseudocenters. [.pdf].
  31. The Dolgopyat inequality for non-Markov maps in BV [.pdf].
  32. Matching for generalized β-transformations. [.pdf].
  33. Matching for discontinuous interval maps; its consequences and self-similarity of parameter space [.pdf].
  34. Matching for translated β-transformations. [.pdf].
  35. Self-similarity in the entropy graph for a family of piecewise linear maps. [.pdf]
  36. Matching for translated β-transformations. [.pdf].
  37. Mixing for almost Anosov maps. [.pdf]
  38. Stochastic behaviour of dynamical systems [.pdf]
  39. Self-similarity of the entropy graph of a family of piecewise linear maps [.pdf].
  40. Matching of discontinuous interval maps. [.pdf].
  41. Li-Yorke chaos from the Lebesgue measure point of view. [.pdf].
  42. Hubbard Trees "Book" with Dierk Schleicher. [.pdf]
  43. Talk on inverse limits in Krakow (2021). [.pdf].
  44. Talk seminar Zagreb on rotated odometers. [.pdf].
  45. Talk minisymposium Graz (September 2023). [.pdf].
  46. Talk for the Leiden Colloquium [.pdf].
  47. Talk for the Leidsche Fles. [.pdf].
  48. Talk for VPS seminar (ISTA on April 22 2024) [.pdf].
Updated March 2018