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A. Infinite dimensional groups. Stochastic processes.

  • Holomorphic extensions of representations of the group of diffeomorphisms of the circle

  • Fractional diffusions and quasiinvariant actions of infinite-dimensional groups

  • Integral operators with Gauss kernels and symmetries of canonical commutation relations

  • Almost invariant structures and related representations of the diffeomorphism group of a circle. ( or here)

  • Categories of bistochastic measures and representations of some infinite-dimensional groups.

  • Combinatorial analogues of the group of diffeomorphisms of the circle

  • On correspondence between the space $L^2$ over Poisson measure and bosonic Fock space.

  • The group of diffeomorphisms of a ray, and random Cantor sets.

  • On the spinor representation of $O(\infty,{\bf C})$

  • A semigroup of operators in boson Fock space

  • Spinor representation of infinite-dimensional orthogonal semigroup and Virasoro algebra

  • Supercomplete bases in the space of symmetric functions

  • Some remarks on quasi-invariant actions of loop groups and the group of diffeomorphisms of the circle.

  • (with M.Nazarov, G.Olshanski) Semi-groupes engendres par la representation de Weil du groupe symplectique de dimension infinie. (French)

    B. Classical groups. Harmonic analysis

  • Extension of representations of classical groups to representations of categories.

  • Universal completions of complex classical groups

  • (with Grigory.I.Olshanski) Boundary values of holomorphic functions, singular unitary representations of groups $O(p,q)$ and their limits as $q$ tend to $\infty$

  • Krein-Schmul'yan maps and conformal geometry of symmetric spaces

  • The Hausdorff metric, construction of a separable quotient space, and boundaries of symmetric spaces.

  • Restriction of functions holomorphic in a domain to curves lying on the boundary of the domain, and discrete ${\rm SL}\sb 2(R)$-spectra.

  • Hinges and Study-Semple-Satake-Furstenberg-De Concini- Procesi-Oshima boundary

  • Representations of complementary series entering discretely in tensor products of unitary representations

  • Tensor products of unitary representations of $SL(3,R)$. (Russian variant) file 1 file 2

    C. Lie groups

  • An estimate for the number of parameters defining an $n$-dimensional algebra.

  • (joint with Kirillov A.A.) The variety $A\sb n$ of structures of $n$-dimensional Lie algebras.

  • On differential operators on Lie groups

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